3 Tips for Better Wedding Photos

As a documentary wedding photographer, it’s my job to capture your day in photographs, as beautifully and as creatively as possible. I need to use my intuition, think on my feet, and be ready at all times to capture those split-second moments that tell the story of your day. It’s no easy task, but I absolutely love it!

Bride and Groom entrance to reception

There are a few things you can do, or be aware of, that will make my job go so much smoother, and make your photos look so much better. Three easy things that will make a big difference in the way your wedding day photographs look.

1. Lighting. I know it isn’t always possible to light your ceremony, but for the reception this has a huge effect on how your images look. Think about creating a mood- use candles, string lights, paper lanterns, anything to help create a soft, dreamy mood. The more lights like this, the better- because (obviously) it’s hard for me to take photos in the dark! I need light to expose a photo, and the more interesting and moody the light is, the better the photos turn out.

Detroit Opera House Wedding

2. Clear the Clutter. When I arrive to start photographing everyone getting ready, typically there is miscellaneous stuff piled up everywhere. Try to keep clutter hidden and to a minimum. Keep bags, suitcases, and food in another room, if possible. If not, please be sure things are picked up and the room is tidy before I arrive. If I need to do a sweep before I begin shooting, I might miss some important moments. Have your dress out of the bag and on a hanger (if you’d like me to photograph it), as well as other items like your jewelry, shoes, wedding invitations, etc.


3. Unplugged Ceremony. An unplugged ceremony is when you ask your guests to refrain from taking any photos. Asking your guests not to use cameras or cell phones allows all guests to really take in your ceremony, without fussing with cell phones and flashes. (It also helps to remind guests to turn their phones off- the worst thing is when a guest’s phone starts ringing during your ceremony!) It only takes a split second for a guest to stand up to quickly grab a shot with their phone- right in my view- causing me to miss a moment.

If you don’t want to entirely unplug, I would at least recommend that guests take photos from their seat, without getting up into the aisles. If anyone is in the aisles during any part of the ceremony it will definitely affect the photos I am able to take. Please talk to your guests about this beforehand.

Unplugged ceremony- sign

In the end, it’s my job to capture your day in the best light possible, and I will do just that. But keeping these three things in mind will help to ensure your wedding photos are as awesome as they can be!

Couples who book me for a wedding will receive a wedding planning guide that has these tips and a lot more information on how to make your day a huge success. If you’d like more information, or to check my availability, get in touch!


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