Photo prints

It’s easy (and typically inexpensive) to order prints and photo products from discount print labs like drugstores and Shutterfly. You know the saying “You get what you pay for”? Read on to find out why and when you should order your prints and photo products from your photographer, not from an outside print lab.

  1. QUALITY. Professional prints are much better than the ones you get from low-priced, mass marketed print labs. The papers and inks used are of a much higher quality. When you hold the print in your hand, you can definitely see and feel the difference!
  2. DURABILTY. Prints that you order through my studio are guaranteed to last for at least 100 years without fading or changing colors. Have you ever looked at an old photo album full of loose prints and noticed the photos were turning strange colors like red or orange? Professional prints won’t do that (although I wouldn’t recommend leaving them out in direct sunlight for years and years without adding a UV protective coating or framing). The prints themselves are slightly thicker, making them a little sturdier and less prone to bending and tearing.
  3. CONSISTENCY. Different print labs have different ways that they calibrate their printing machines. This means that if you had one photo printed at 10 different labs, each of those 10 prints would look slightly different. The only way to be guaranteed your photos will look right- the way I intended them to look- is by ordering them directly through my studio.
  4. BEAUTY. The prints I offer are undeniably beautiful. Instead of a glossy finish, the texture of the print is called luster. The paper has vivid color reproduction, brilliant whites, rich blacks and a luxurious luster finish. Both color and black & white photographs look amazing!
  5. FOR ME. When you order prints from me, I do a happy dance! I know you’re going to love your photos even more when you get to hold them in your hand and have that amazing experience. Not only are you supporting my business, but you’re saying, “Hey- we love your work and we want to be able to experience it for years to come!” It truly melts my heart. On the other hand, if you don’t order from me and go order prints somewhere else, I have no idea and feel pretty bummed that you didn’t think enough of my art to want to print it. So even if you order one or two prints from me, it makes my day!

When should you order prints from a discount print lab? I always tell my clients, “If you want your prints to last, you should order them through me.” Ordering prints from another printer is risky- they could look differently than what the actual photograph should look like, and the quality won’t be as good. They probably won’t stand up to the test of time. If you don’t care about those things at all, then order your prints from anywhere! But if you want to ensure your printed photos are going to be beautiful and last for generations, then please order them from the photographer who created them.

My prints are very affordable, with prices beginning at just $4. There are options for photo mounting, as well as gorgeous wall art displays like Woodland Wall Art and Canvas Wraps. Most products can be ordered right from within your gallery!


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