I am so excited to share this article with you, “8 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding”, written exclusively for Lume Photography by Shana Tibi- wedding and party planner extraordinaire at The Townsend Hotel in Birmingham, Michigan. If you’re planning your wedding and looking for ways to make it unique, these are some great ideas!


“8 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding”  Article by Shana Tibi | Photos by Lume Photography

You’ve finally met your match. Through a crazy host of a confluence of events, you met your significant other, soon to be partner for life. It could have been a blind date that your friend from high school sent you on. Or you met your soon to be spouse through a book you sold on Amazon (true story).  You may have bumped into him on an airplane…. The list goes on…

Every couple has a unique love story, a story that eventually brought them to commit their lives to each other.  Sometimes, couples like to weave their story into their wedding in fun and creative ways, so that their friends and family can enjoy it as well.

No two relationships are alike and your wedding and reception is the perfect place to tell your unique love story to your guest. See below for tips on how to personalize your wedding and make it as extraordinary as your relationship.


1.The Ceremony

During the wedding ceremony, all eyes will be focused on you and your fiance as you vow to uphold the sanctity of marriage and profess your love for one another.

This is the perfect place to use a little creativity. Choose poems, quotes or readings that are near and dear to you and your fiance. You could also write your own vows to one another to make the ceremony even more unique.

Check out other cultures to see what they include in the wedding ceremony and do something similar at your own wedding. For example, certain cultures light a unity candle to signify two separate flames being joined as one. Another idea which may be interesting to you is the Irish tradition of ‘tying the knot’, binding the bride’s and groom’s hands together using a ribbon or a rope.

2017-02-06_0010.jpg2. Save the Date Cards and Thank You Cards

If the two of you have been dating for a while, dig out some old photos and use them to create a save the date card, or hire a photographer to shoot engagement pictures and include them in the card. When choosing photos, use one that resembles the theme that you will use at your wedding. For example, if you will be doing a beach inspired wedding, use photos of the two of you at the beach, an ocean background or whatever else you can think of.

Use these cards to showcase your quirky, fun side.  Instead of sticking to traditional thank you cards, go for something outside of the box that is as unique as you are.

2017-02-06_0004.jpg3. Wedding Favors

One of the latest wedding trends is giving guests edible party favors. These party favors can be inexpensive and provide a unique gift that your guests can take home with them.

As a side story, about a week before I met my husband, I received a fortune cookie that said that “love is on its way”. When my husband proposed, he used fortune cookies (the fortune read “will you marry me?”).  So I felt it was fitting to shower every table at my wedding with fortune cookies, with hopes that people at the table would get as good a fortune as I did.

You can also plan your wedding favors based on your honeymoon location or the time of year. For example, if you are going on a honeymoon to France, why not give miniature bottles of champagne and macaroons?  For a fall wedding, fill mason jars with traditional candy corn and other fall candies and tie with a raffia ribbon.

If you are having a summer wedding, opt for things that won’t melt in the heat. Try a mason jar candle, some spa-inspired bath bombs or something else that can help tell the story of your wedding.

2017-02-06_0003.jpg4. Signature Cocktails

Offer a couple of signature cocktails at your wedding to really wow your guests. Think about how these drinks can tell your unique love story. Create catchy names for the drinks. For best results, come up with several creations that can be made with or without alcohol.

The names of the drinks can be where you met, your first vacation together or anything else that is a part of your history as a couple. Personalized cocktails and a limited wine and beer list will help you keep costs down if you are having an open bar at your wedding.

2017-02-06_0013.jpg5. Wedding Photography

The photographs taken at your wedding will be special to you and they will be an important memento from your big day. When hiring a photographer, you need to ensure that her style of photography meshes with what you want. Think carefully – discuss the venue, the wedding date and the wedding theme with the photographer to help ensure the photos taken are what you want.

One of the most popular forms of wedding photography nowadays is photojournalism. With this style, the photographer becomes invisible and follows you and your wedding party around taking candid shots of the entire day. This will allow you to reminisce about the entire day instead of just the ceremony itself.


6. Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue is one the most important pieces of telling your story, the backdrop that gives the feel you want your guests to have. Some venues are also more willing to accommodate personal touches more than others as well. When choosing a wedding venue, think of your preferences.  Would you prefer the rustic feel of a barn? Or a fairy tale ending that an elegant hotel can provide? Are you more off the beaten track? Maybe a zoo or museum is a better fit.

Whatever you decide, take photography into consideration. Make sure that it has the lighting your photographer needs and maybe scope out the area first to see if there are some areas where you’d like to take pictures.

If you’re in Michigan and are looking for a wedding venue, click here for the Townsend Hotel. It may be the venue you’re looking for.

2017-02-06_0002.jpg7. Centerpieces

Floral centerpieces help set the mood for the event. They can be simple or quite elaborate, depending on your preference. You can use your creativity to design amazing centerpieces. Vases and candles can include engravings and photographs, frame fun facts about the two of you, buy custom-made labels for wines and bottled water and any other items that you can think of that will make your centerpiece unique. Some of the best centerpieces engage guests and offer them a personalized touch.

2017-02-06_0009.jpg8. Your Wedding Attire

In today’s weddings, bridesmaids do not have to wear ugly bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen do not have to wear tuxedos. You can create a color scheme that will allow your wedding party to choose something that will complement the theme, yet still allow them to express their creativity and uniqueness.

Many brides are moving away from a traditional white wedding gown and opting for colored wedding dresses in blush pink, mint and even bold colors. Bridesmaids can wear printed dresses, different color dresses or shades of the same color to create interest. Suits or dress slacks with a button up and suspenders can be worn by the men in your wedding party.


You can also choose the attire based on the theme of your wedding, the venue or even the season of the year. Your wedding party will appreciate cooler, lightweight fabric if you are having an outdoor wedding in July. Another thing to consider is the hemline of your bridesmaids’ dresses. The best look for a tall lady may be an ankle length dress, but on a short lady, this length may not be pleasing. By allowing them to choose a hemline based on their unique proportions, you can allow your bridesmaids to look great.



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