Intimate Wedding and Elopement Photographer

Your spirit guide to an extraordinary experience.

Hi, I'm Andrea

I'm a Michigan wedding photographer and destination wedding photographer based near Detroit, Michigan. Full time wedding and elopement photographer since 2016. My mission is to reveal the magic of the connection you share as a couple in love, and to tell your story through meaningful photos. I want you to feel free to be yourselves and to fall in love all over again (and again).

I truly believe the best way to start to connect to the magic is to get away from the distractions of daily life. Get lost in the wilderness. Feel the earth beneath your feet and wind in your hair. By bringing yourselves back to nature, you can open your mind and energy to possibilities. You're in a neutral state of mind, able to relax and let go of expectations. Let me take you to a wild place and document your love story in amazing images.
My best friend, Scott, and I eloped in 2013. We flew to Sedona, Arizona and said our vows in an intimate ceremony under the towering red rocks. I can still remember how amazing and spiritual the experience was! It was incredible, and that’s how I learned to love elopements. We did it our way, and we wouldn’t change a thing. I’d love to tell you all about it, and how we incorporated our families to make them happy while staying true to us.

We live in a village that's near Detroit, but also convenient to Ann Arbor, Lansing, and Bay City. Our house is small, surrounded by nature and wildlife. Our family consists of us, our two kids, Natalie & Evan, and our pets. We have a Whippet (Walter), a Brittany Spaniel (Willow), two Maine Coons (Yeti & Faust), and my horse (Rafter).

Some of my random favorite things: ghost stories, metal concerts, cashew curry, red ale, RPG games, astrology, willow trees, archaeology, sleeping in on Sundays, really expensive Scotch, and riding my bike.
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Every couple deserves to have amazing, meaningful photos that they can look at and be taken back to that moment in time. To be able to feel the same powerful emotions and intense love even when years have passed. I've learned so much about how delicate life is, and how nothing is guaranteed. If you've been lucky enough to find your soulmate, you should cherish and celebrate your love now, because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Your experience with me will be unlike any other that you may have had with a photographer. We’re going to get to know each other first, before I ever get my camera out. The more we talk and hang out outside of taking pictures, the better your photos will be. You’ll feel way more comfortable- like having a good friend hanging around- who happens to have a camera. You’ll be able to relax, open up, and let me capture intimate moments without feeling nervous or anxious. And in the end, you’ll have extraordinary photos that truly capture your connection and story.