We had a blast during this Adventure Session, celebrating the lifelong friendship of these two amazing, strong, beautiful women. We headed out to the woods, where we climbed trees, connected with nature, and felt like kids again. Then, after a quick change into their dresses, we did some fun portraits in the yard.  Then we headed to the backyard (where the ducks live!) and built a bonfire. Two sandhill cranes appeared in the sky, and it was magical! At the fire, Carmen presented Jean with a gift- an axe head that had a very personal history. What better way to finish up the session than some good old-fashioned knife-throwing. (Yep, that’s right- knife-throwing!!!)

2017-04-19_0001.jpg 2017-04-19_0002.jpg 2017-04-19_0003.jpg 2017-04-19_0004.jpg 2017-04-19_0005.jpg 2017-04-19_0006.jpg 2017-04-19_0007.jpg 2017-04-19_0008.jpg 2017-04-19_0009.jpg 2017-04-19_0010.jpg 2017-04-19_0011.jpg 2017-04-19_0012.jpg 2017-04-19_0013.jpg 2017-04-19_0014.jpg 2017-04-19_0015.jpg 2017-04-19_0016.jpg 2017-04-19_0017.jpg 2017-04-19_0018.jpg 2017-04-19_0019.jpg 2017-04-19_0020.jpg 2017-04-19_0021.jpg 2017-04-19_0022.jpg 2017-04-19_0023.jpg 2017-04-19_0024.jpg 2017-04-19_0025.jpg 2017-04-19_0026.jpg 2017-04-19_0027.jpg 2017-04-19_0028.jpg 2017-04-19_0029.jpg 2017-04-19_0030.jpg 2017-04-19_0031.jpg 2017-04-19_0032.jpg 2017-04-19_0033.jpg 2017-04-19_0034.jpg 2017-04-19_0035.jpg 2017-04-19_0036.jpg 2017-04-19_0037.jpg

Jean Hammond

It was all Carmen’s idea, to do a best friends shoot; what a blessing that she knew Andrea and that we were able to do this. I have a lifelong camera aversion, so this pushed me way out of my comfort zone – which is how all the best things start – and now I can’t wait to do this again!

Carmen Harrington

My best friend of 30+ years and I decided to do this as a celebration of our rare friendship. Andrea’s previous session with my betrothed was so impressive, Jean and I asked her to do a session with us. It captured the essence of each of us individually and the strength and beauty of our friendship as well. The cranes, who have just recently started flying over our house, are a new love in my life, and she captured those as well, not knowing my fascination- she is truly an intuitive photographer. Thank you- and we will be doing this again in 2 years! You are awesome, girl!!!

I absolutely LOVE this idea and this shoot! What a fun and creative way to commemorate a friendship!!!

Thanks so much, Rebecca! It really was so much fun!

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