Katie and TJ have been happily married for years, but didn’t have any photographs to show it, except for the usual phone selfies here and there. They wanted to do this Adventure Session, not only to celebrate their relationship, but to document this incredibly important time in their lives- they are going through the process of in-vitro fertilization. I don’t know any two people who are more deserving of having a child, and I was totally honored to be able to capture this part of their story for them!

2017-04-28_0001.jpg 2017-04-28_0002.jpg 2017-04-28_0003.jpg 2017-04-28_0004.jpg 2017-04-28_0005.jpg 2017-04-28_0006.jpg 2017-04-28_0007.jpg 2017-04-28_0008.jpg 2017-04-28_0009.jpg 2017-04-28_0010.jpg 2017-04-28_0011.jpg 2017-04-28_0012.jpg 2017-04-28_0013.jpg 2017-04-28_0014.jpg 2017-04-28_0015.jpg 2017-04-28_0016.jpg 2017-04-28_0017.jpg 2017-04-28_0018.jpg 2017-04-28_0019.jpg 2017-04-28_0020.jpg 2017-04-28_0021.jpg 2017-04-28_0022.jpg 2017-04-28_0023.jpg 2017-04-28_0024.jpg 2017-04-28_0025.jpg 2017-04-28_0026.jpg 2017-04-28_0027.jpg 2017-04-28_0028.jpg

Spring is a great time to schedule an Adventure Session with me- the weather isn’t too hot or too cold, the bugs aren’t bad yet, and wedding season hasn’t kicked into full swing yet! To inquire, just email me at, or use the contact form here on the website.

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