Adventure Sessions

Our world is truly amazing! Let go of your worries and responsibilities for a while, and come explore it with me...

Adventure Sessions are perfect for engagement photos, anniversaries, honeymoons, or just to celebrate your relationship. We'll go on an adventure, explore the world around us, and make some beautiful memories while we create amazing images. An experience based on connection, adventure, and storytelling.

We’ll choose a location that speaks to you as a couple, and I’ll document your time there together. It can be anywhere in the world- an awesome mountain adventure, a desert escapade, or even a trip overseas. Or it can be a location closer to home- a day on the lake, a trip to the city, let your imagination go wild! I’ll be your guide...

Adventure Sessions are all about having fun, sharing an experience together, and ending up with amazing photographs that document this time in your lives. Rates start at $450 for 2 hours. Contact me today for availability and more details...

Featured Adventure Sessions

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I can't wait to share an adventure with you!

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