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Alchemy Presets


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Earthy. Cinematic. Fine Art.

I'm so excited to offer my Alchemy Presets to you! These presets are my own recipe, that I created, cultivated, and perfected over the course of the last couple of years.

Adventurous tones, earthy shadows, and gorgeous skin tones align together to make the color presets. The b&w preset was created to perfectly accent the color presets, so your portfolio will by consistent when you use all three.

These presets are 100% unique, and will give your photos an earthy, cinematic feel with minimal adjusting required.

You can purchase the presets separately, or as a set. And with your purchase you’ll receive a comprehensive guide with tips on how to achieve the best results, and how you can add your own style to them.


an earthy, cinematic preset with muted tones and cool highlights. My go-to preset for 90% of my photos.



a painterly preset with rosier tones. Zodiac and Aura can be used interchangeably and still allow you to maintain a consistent portfolio.



a b&w preset that matches the style of the 2 color presets. Rich, moody and matte.


With your purchase you'll get:

- preset files that are compatible with Lightroom 7.5 or newer.

- installation instructions.

- a detailed PDF guide on how to achieve the best results with these presets.

- 7 bonus adjustment presets
Please note: presets are meant to provide the finishing touch. They’re the special ingredient that makes your photos shine. They help you edit faster and can give your photos a unique look. They are NOT meant to make you a better photographer or fix your photos!


I’ve poured my heart and soul into these presets. It took me YEARS to develop them and get them just right. PLEASE respect my artistic rights by purchasing them legitimately and not sharing/trading them with others. Besides being illegal, it’s just super wrong.



All sales are final.

These are digital goods- no refunds or returns.

Downloads expire 24 hrs after purchase.


The universe

al·che·my noun: changing the frequency of thought, altering the harmonics of matter, and applying the element of love to create a desired result.

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