Today I went for a long walk outside, to get some fresh air and exercise. While I was walking, this thought popped into my head, “I should do a blog post with some before & afters of my work!” I got really excited about it because I think it’s a great way to show the world that a lot more goes into my art than just clicking the shutter button on my camera. It also gives a little insight and inspiration for other photographers, to see “behind the scenes.” Go ahead and slide left or right over the images to see!


This image was taken at a beautiful wedding in Ironwood, Michigan last September. It was a bright, sunny day, and we were on the beach at Black River Harbor on Lake Superior. I didn’t want to blow out the sky and water, so I underexposed quite a bit. I typically underexpose my images anywhere from one to two stops, on average, to retain as much detail in the highlights as possible, and to preserve richness and depth. You can see I had to straighten the horizon line a bit- one of my biggest pet peeves is a crooked horizon! For some reason- no matter how hard I try- I can never seem to get them straight in-camera. Ha!


Here’s an image from this wedding that I took last summer in Blythe, Ontario. The ceremony was indoors, in a relatively tight space that had huge, bright windows behind the altar. From a photographers standpoint, this can be a real nightmare- have you ever tried to take a photo of someone standing in front of a big, bright window? Well, you can see what usually happens in the before image- the subject is severely underexposed. I knew that would be fine, because my cameras (Nikon D750’s) have incredible dynamic range. From experience I know just how far I can push my settings to be able to pull this off. :)


Last, I chose this one to share with you. I love it because it was taken in a parking lot- yep, you heard me right- a parking lot. I loved the way the black and white treatment enhanced all of the textures and depth. I just looooove moody images like this!


I hope this post gives you a little more insight into all the hard work and care I put into each image I produce. Each image is a piece of art. For couples in the process of hiring a wedding photographer, maybe you can see why it’s so important to hire a professional who has the skills, experience, and equipment to deal with tricky lighting situations- and anything else that gets thrown my way!