The main thing is, pay attention. Pay close attention to everything, everything you see. Notice what no one else notices, and you’ll know what no one else knows.  – Lois, City of Ember

Looking back on 2017, I’d say my theme of the year would be discovery. I discovered a lot about myself, my style, and new ways of creating. I’ve discovered new places and new friendships. At the start of the year, I knew it was going to be an amazing journey, and 2017 didn’t disappoint. I’m so thankful for all of my clients and people who have stuck with me on this journey. These photos represent some of my favorite moments in 2017. Looking forward to 2018, I hope to learn a lot more, be inspired at least as much as I was this year, and have many more awesome opportunities for adventure. Here’s to wrapping up a most wonderful year, and may the new year bring you love, peace, and joy.