It was a gorgeous summer day in Michigan, perfect for a mini-adventure! We decided to head over to For-Mar Nature Preserve, where there are plenty of nice trails, fields, and woods to explore.  We were surprised by some deer right before dusk, they let us get so close…

2017-06-28_0001.jpg 2017-06-28_0002.jpg 2017-06-28_0003.jpg 2017-06-28_0004.jpg 2017-06-28_0005.jpg 2017-06-28_0006.jpg 2017-06-28_0007.jpg 2017-06-28_0008.jpg 2017-06-28_0009.jpg

For-Mar Engagement Session

2017-06-28_0011.jpg 2017-06-28_0012.jpg 2017-06-28_0013.jpg 2017-06-28_0014.jpg 2017-06-28_0015.jpg 2017-06-28_0016.jpg 2017-06-28_0017.jpg 2017-06-28_0018.jpg 2017-06-28_0019.jpg 2017-06-28_0020.jpg 2017-06-28_0021.jpg 2017-06-28_0022.jpg 2017-06-28_0023.jpg 2017-06-28_0024.jpg 2017-06-28_0025.jpg 2017-06-28_0026.jpg 2017-06-28_0027.jpg 2017-06-28_0028.jpg 2017-06-28_0029.jpg 2017-06-28_0030.jpg 2017-06-28_0031.jpg

Adventure Sessions are the perfect way to celebrate your engagement, an anniversary, or just to document this time in your story together, so you have beautiful images to go with your memories. For more info, send me a note!


What a wonderful engagement session at For-Mar, I just love those ones in the ferns! 

Thanks so much, Ashleigh! I just love For-Mar!

What a beautiful together session! You can see their love for each other and their emotion in every single photo you captured. You have such stunning work!

Thank you so much Sharee!


That bridge is insanely cool!  What a lovely session.  Her smile is absolutely stunning!  Gorgeous work!  

Thank you, Elizabeth!

The joy and connection just radiates off of these two, beautifully captured!


Wow these are really great images. She is so beautiful and her hair is incredible I wish I had beautiful dark thick hair. 

Love all the little detail shots of flowers! My fave!


What a gorgeous couple, you can feel the love between them!

What beautiful details! Love the way they just get lost in each other, their love totally shines through! Her hair is to die for, so pretty!

what a beautiful session!  I love all the details you captured, and the connection between these two.  They look so comfortable and supportive of each other, and their love shines through!  Great work! 

Thank you Jamie! They are an awesome couple!


Oh my goodness she is beautiful and I’m seriously envious of her hair!!

I know, right?!


Oh, these nature detail shots just make me so happy!! Gorgeous work. This engagement session is beautiful, I can’t wait for the wedding!

Thank you so much, Sarah! I know- I’m so excited :)

Lindsay H

I love the concept of your Together Sessions! Beautiful job capturing this couple on a wonderful Michigan day. Your editing style is fabulous as is your photography.

Thank you, Lindsay!

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