Jenn and Brad are the best people- they’re adventurous, creative (they’re both incredible photographers- check out their work here and here), they’re amazing parents, friends, and they know what they want and don’t let anything get in their way.

Their Rocky Mountain elopement was absolutely, incredibly beautiful. I consider myself so lucky to have had the opportunity to document this day for them! It was during a photography workshop (The Photo Rehab) that took place in the fall, in Estes Park, Colorado. Brad and Jenn were attendees of the workshop, as was I, along with a bunch of other crazy photographers. Their elopement ceremony was a complete surprise- the only people who knew were Brad and Jenn, and the workshop coordinators. The rest of us found out when we were handed invitations- just a couple of hours before the ceremony!

As soon as I found out about the their elopement, I grabbed my gear and made it my mission to document every moment of their day. Everything was perfect- from the gorgeous florals, to Jenn’s green velvet dress, to the majestic Colorado mountain backdrop. It was an absolute dream!