Copper Harbor Sunset Senior Pictures

Getting high school senior pictures done is a rite of passage. Sure, a few (hundred) selfies may do the trick, but there’s nothing quite like having professional photos to commemorate this exciting time in your life. And speaking of exciting photos, I recently had the pleasure of capturing some truly unforgettable moments during a senior picture session in Copper Harbor. From stunning sunsets to breathtaking views of Lake Superior, this session had it all.

This senior actually had a particular goal: to get some pictures by the lake. She grew up between Copper Harbor and Duluth, and her connection with Lake Superior was profound; she wanted to reflect this connection in her senior photos.

Hunter’s Point Park, a picturesque peninsula, was the first stop for our senior session. The sun was starting to set, and the light was just turning to that magical golden hue. The views did not disappoint! I got some seriously epic photos of our senior with Lake Superior and distant mountains as the backdrop. Who needs a cheesy studio when you have Copper Harbor’s natural beauty?

Next up, we headed to Horseshoe Harbor for sunset. If you’re not familiar with Copper Harbor’s sunsets, let me tell you- they are out of this world. The sky transforms into a beautiful blend of oranges, pinks, and purples creating one-of-a-kind imagery. We were lucky enough to catch that magical moment. It was a perfect golden hour sunset combined with the unique volcanic geology along the rocky shoreline.

Copper Harbor is undoubtedly a hidden gem, offering picturesque views that can make any photo session memorable. This senior picture session encapsulated the natural settings of Copper Harbor in the most beautiful way possible. From Hunter’s Point Park to Horseshoe Harbor, we created images that would last a lifetime. And I love that she chose locations that reflected her personality, making her photos that much more memorable.

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