You don’t need a wedding to have a reason to have some photographs taken. Life is short, and it’s so important to have the present recorded. Don’t wait for a reason to celebrate, do it now! Let me be there, capturing your story and the moments that you’ll want to remember.


Whether you’re engaged, have been married for years, or just want to document this chapter in your story, I’ll create images that will tell your story. Sessions can range from a typical hour and a half to having me travel with you to a destination and capturing your story there.

Some of my favorite locations are:

– In-home sessions. I come to your home and hang out, photographing your daily life- naturally- with a little guidance. These can take place any time of day.

– A hike in nature. There are so many awesome parks in Michigan, and I love to find ones where we can set out in the wilderness and explore nature together.

– Adventure Sessions. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I love to travel. Adventures are kind of my thing, so if you’re planning a trip, honeymoon, or just want some photos in an exotic or epic location, let’s start talking about making that happen!

We’ll hang out for a while, and I’ll be your guide. I won’t ask you to pose in awkward ways or do anything you’re uncomfortable with. I will give you ideas and direction that you can interpret in your own way, resulting in photos with natural poses and authentic emotion.