Dark Mystical Vibes: A Re-Wild Portrait Session

The Magic of a Re-Wild Portrait Session

Are you looking for a unique way to connect with your inner self and celebrate your wild side? Look no further than a Re-Wild Portrait Session. This one-of-a-kind experience is all about tapping into your primal human nature and embracing your true self. Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing a Re-Wild session with a client at one of Michigan’s stunning inland lakes. Together, we created some truly magical images that celebrated her inner wild and showcased her true beauty.

Exploring the Dark and Mystical Side of Nature

During a Re-Wild Portrait Session, we work together to create a concept that brings out your inner wild. For this session, my client wanted to explore the dark and mystical side of nature- think witchy vibes, enchanted woods, and moody waters. We chose an inland lake surrounded by dense forest for the backdrop, and it couldn’t have been more perfect. My client wore a black flowing gown, and we used lanterns and am elk pelvis bone to add to the mood.

As we explored the lakefront and surrounding woods, my client tapped into her inner wild and embraced her true self. She was fearless, fierce, and absolutely stunning. We captured some truly magical images that celebrated her beauty and showcased her inner strength and power.

Embrace Your Inner Wild with a Re-Wild Portrait Session

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate your true self and connect with your inner wild, a Re-Wild Portrait Session is the perfect choice. We can work together to create a concept that brings out your primal human nature, and together we’ll create magical images that you’ll cherish forever. Contact me today to schedule your own Re-Wild Session and unleash your inner wild.

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