We met at Greektown in the Motor City on a warm Spring day. The city was buzzing with life- it’s refreshing to see Detroit so vibrant and alive. I wanted to take Jen and Kenny somewhere so they could take a moment and enjoy each other fully. So we climbed up to a rooftop where we were alone, and had fun hanging out and enjoying the views. Afterwards, we walked a few blocks and took in the sights, then headed back to Greektown to visit Astoria Pastry Shop. Have you ever been there? Their cakes and sweets are so delicious!


Flashing sign in Greektown, Detroit

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2017-06-22_0071.jpg 2017-06-22_0072.jpg 2017-06-22_0073.jpg 2017-06-22_0074.jpg 2017-06-22_0075.jpg 2017-06-22_0076.jpg

If you’d like to book an Adventure Session downtown, send me a note!


Beautiful shots! Every one!

Thanks so much, Kelsey!!

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