We met at Greektown in the Motor City on a warm Spring day. The city was buzzing with life- it’s refreshing to see Detroit so vibrant and alive! However, I wanted to take Jen and Kenny somewhere so they could take a moment and enjoy each other fully. So we climbed up to a rooftop where we were alone, and had fun hanging out and enjoying the views. Afterwards, we walked a few blocks and took in the sights, then headed back to Greektown to visit Astoria Pastry Shop. Have you ever been there? Their cakes and sweets are so delicious! A perfect way to end this Together Engagement Session!


Flashing sign in Greektown, Detroit

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2017-06-22_0071.jpg 2017-06-22_0072.jpg 2017-06-22_0073.jpg 2017-06-22_0074.jpg 2017-06-22_0075.jpg 2017-06-22_0076.jpg

If you’d like to book a Together Session downtown, send me a note and let’s get it scheduled!


Beautiful shots! Every one!

Thanks so much, Kelsey!!

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