What is an Elopement?

Elopements are becoming more and more popular for couples who want to avoid the stress, expectations and pressure of a big, traditional wedding. Not to mention the huge cost and massive amounts of waste they create. 

An elopement is a wedding day that’s focused on just the two of you, and your wedding ceremony. Sometimes they’re referred to as a “micro wedding”. It can be just the two of you there, or include up to a handful of guests. An elopement is any wedding that has 25 or less guests, where the focus is exclusively on the couple. 

Elopements can be an epic adventure, where you hike all day to an amazing location to say your vows- like the top of a mountain. Or it can be a simple affair where you tie the knot in place that’s meaningful to you. It doesn’t have to involve strenuous hiking, or traveling to another country- but it can if that’s what you want! There are no rules, and no wrong answers. You do what feel right to you. 

Elopement in the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado
Scotland Elopement on the Isle of Skye

Elopement Photographer + Guide

I know what it’s like to plan an elopement, from both my own wedding story and helping other couples plan their dream elopement. Whether you’re starting to consider if an elopement is right for you, just starting the planning process, or have already figured most of your plans out, I’m here for you and I’ve got your back!

Choosing Lume Photography as your elopement photographer means you’ll have so much more than just AMAZING photos (although that’s a big perk!). You’ll have help planning everything from finding the right location for your ceremony, to all the logistics. You’ll have guidance, support, and peace of mind knowing you’re being fully taken care of and part of an incredible, unique experience.

We’re probably a great fit if you’re looking for an elopement photographer who:

Elopemet couple standing on rock in ocean.


Can capture STUNNING photos focusing on your connection in amazing landscapes and natural light. Unbelievable photos that will surprise you and intensify your love for each other, and without you feeling any pressure or being uncomfortable in any moment.

You’ll find that this isn’t like any photography or portrait experience you’ve had before. There’s no forced poses or smiles. It’s just natural, easy, and fun.

Bride and groom in canoe in Gaylord Michigan


Is someone who can direct you when needed, but also knows when to be easy-going, create calm energy, and go with the flow.

I’ll be there as your friend as well as your guide, capturing all the little in-between moments as well as the important ones and the epic, mind-blowing shots, so you’ll have amazing photographs to obsess over for years to come.

Pennsylvania LGBT Gay Couples Portrait Session


Has years of experience and the skills to handle any situation that might come up.

From planning, to documenting your day, to the delivery of your photos, I’ve got you covered. I’ll let you know exactly what to expect, how long things take, and what you need to do. You don’t need to worry about a thing.




I'll provide everything you need and tell you what you need to do to have the best experience possible.



I will help you make the brave choice to have a wedding day that's about you and for you, and not about what other people want or expect.



I won't ever judge you, ask you to do something you're uncomfortable with, or expect you to be anything other than yourselves.



I promise to do everything in my power to make sure you have the best time working with me.

Scotland Elopement on the Isle of Skye

“Andrea was there for us from the beginning, and made everything so easy. She helped us find this amazing place that was way better than we could have ever imagined. She was truly an asset- from helping us plan, to being our hiking companion, to telling us random facts about the nature in the area! We’re usually really awkward when it comes to getting pictures taken, but Andrea made it so easy and we never felt uncomfortable. It was the best experience! We are in love with our photos!!! Definitely call Andrea if you’re looking for an elopement photographer!”

-Chloe Martin | Isle of Skye, Scotland