Connection Sessions



Connection Sessions are for any couple who are in love and want to have amazing, meaningful photographs to treasure forever. I’ll direct the session and create beautiful, meaningful moments that I’ll capture for you.

Connection Sessions are all about your relationship, your love story, and your connection. I want to capture that spark – you know, the one that’s totally unique to just the two of you. I want to document this moment in your story together. I want to give you photographs that will ignite your love for each other when you look at them down the road.

I’ll be your guide, and we can explore a rad location while I give you easy  directions that get you to naturally focus on each other. You’ll end up with some amazing images, and if you walk away feeling like you’re closer and more in love than ever before, then I’ve done my job.

If you’re looking for Engagement Photos, a Connection Session is the perfect thing- especially if you’re hoping to capture your love and connection in a true, meaningful way!