Connection Sessions are for any couple who are in love and want to have amazing, meaningful photographs to treasure forever. I’ll direct the session and create beautiful, meaningful moments that I’ll capture for you.

Connection Sessions are all about your relationship, your love story, and your connection. I want to capture that spark – you know, the one that’s totally unique to just the two of you. I want to document this moment in your story together. I want to give you photographs that will ignite your love for each other when you look at them down the road.

I’ll be your guide, and we can explore a rad location while I give you easy  directions that get you to naturally focus on each other. You’ll end up with some amazing images, and if you walk away feeling like you’re closer and more in love than ever before, then I’ve done my job.

If you’re looking for Engagement Photos, a Connection Session is the perfect thing- especially if you’re hoping to capture your love and connection in a true, meaningful way!


For engagements, anniversaries, and couples who are madly in love. Up to 2 hours of exploring an amazing location, taking photos, and connecting with each other.

Anywhere in Michigan's Lower Peninsula $750
Anywhere in North America $2000 *all travel fees included!
Anywhere in the world: $4000 *all travel fees included!

Connection Session Q&A

• Is a Connection Session the same thing as an engagement session?

Yes and no. A Connection Session can definitely be an engagement session, but it's so much more than a traditional engagement session. The focus will be on the connection and energy between the two of you, and the photos will be more emotive and meaningful.

• How long does it take to get our photos?

I deliver Connection Session galleries within 14 business days. You'll be able to download all of your photographs right away, from within your gallery. You'll be able to order prints and other photo products, and I'll help through the ordering process.

• How many photos will we get?

I typically deliver at least 50 fully finished, curated images per Connection Session.

• Can you help us choose a good location?

Of course! I love planning sessions, so I'll find the perfect location, give you advise on what to wear, inform you if there are any permits or fees involved, and let you know more about what to expect during the session.

• What happens if it rains?

I encourage you to embrace the weather! I love when it's raining, windy and stormy. All of these things add mood and emotion to photos. I have no problem shooting in any conditions. We'll touch base a few days before your session to assess the weather forecast, and we can talk about options then.

• How do we book a session?

Click the button below, and I'll get back with you within 48 hours to start the planning process! There is a non-refundable $200 retainer required to reserve your session.