GIF Videos

What the heck is a GIF Video, anyway?

I’m so excited to announce this brand new addition to Lume Photography! You’ve know what a GIF is- a “moving photo” that’s made up of a series of still images that play in a short loop. Kind of like stop-animation. To make a GIF Video, I put together a video that consists of a bunch of GIF’s and still images, played to music, to tell your love story in a whole new way!

The process is a lot of extra work- I have to take a LOT more photos on your wedding day, process the GIF’s (usually around 10-20 of them) and then create the video. Since it’s such a lengthy and involved process, I’m only offering it as a special package option.

Who is it for?

If you like the idea of having a highlight video of of your wedding day, but not sure about hiring a dedicated videographer or video team, a GIF Video could be perfect for you! You won’t have to worry about finding a videographer that’s a good fit, having extra camera-people around on your wedding day, and your GIF Video will match your photos because it’s edited in the same style.

What do you get?

One GIF Video delivered along with the rest of your images. The video is approximately 2-3 minutes long, contains 10-20 GIF’s. A highlight reel of your wedding day, set to music. You’ll also get all the individual GIF files. You’ll absolutely love this!


a whole new way to tell your love story!

Full Wedding Day Experience + GIF Video

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