Intimate Wedding in Dryden, Michigan | Erin & Andrew

The Watershed Preserve is a remote, beautiful natural area between Leonard and Dryden, Michigan. There are lakes, trails, wildflowers, berries, and plenty of wildlife. A perfect place for an intimate wedding ceremony, right? It rained. And I don’t mean just a sprinkle. It was actually down-pouring- sideways at one point! You could hear thunder rolling, and the clouds were swirling around in the sky. The rain didn’t deter Erin and Andrew! Andrew brought a pop up canopy, set it up with the help of a couple family members, and the ceremony began! It was a wonderful, happy ceremony, despite the rain, and after the two signed the paperwork, the rain stopped! Just long enough for us to grab some family portraits and photos of the couple. Isn’t Erin so lovely? I loved the vintage feel of this wedding, and the simplicity of having just their closest family there to witness their union. It was truly special- I’m so glad I was there to capture it! Congratulations Erin & Andrew, and may life bring you all the best!

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