Photos are better when they're off your computer and printed. We live in a digital world, and it's awesome that photos can be shared across devices in an instant! But there's something missing. When you print your photos, they take on a whole new life and meaning. They hold more value, become more meaningful and nostalgic. Imagine visiting a museum of fine art, and all the pieces of artwork were displayed on screens and not the real thing!

When you invested in your photography, did you have the intention of just saving your photographs on your device, sharing a few on social media, emailing a few, and then forgetting about them? I hope not. Your photos deserve to be printed. They're a treasure, and printing them will transform them from a digital novelty to a cherished keepsake.


Custom. Handmade. Heirlooms.

Albums from Lume Photography are handcrafted using the finest materials from around the world. Their pages are thick and luxurious, made from archival quality professional press photo paper, ensuring your images will stand the test of time. Each album is lovingly handcrafted by album artisans here in the US.

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beautiful photo keepsakes available to order within your online gallery

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Professional Prints

Professional prints are available to order from your gallery and delivered right to your doorstep. Sizes from 4x6" and up.

Larger print sizes (8x10"+) are available mounted on a thin styrene board that protects the print from bending, warping or tearing. So that you don't have to worry and your print will remain beautiful for years and years. Styrene mounted prints can be framed, too.

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Canvas Wall Art

Canvas Wall Art is available to purchase right from within your online gallery. Timeless archival canvas wraps, arrive ready to hang and make perfect wall collages. These are not the cheap canvas wraps you can get at discount print stores- they are made with the highest quality materials and are UV protected to ensure the protection and longevity.

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If you're looking for a modern, economical way to display your favorite photos, Standout Mounts are the way to go! Your image is printed using professional techniques and materials, then mounted onto a lightweight dense foam board with finished edges. Standouts arrive ready to hang and work great with hanging strips.

You're making an impact!

10% of all product sales from Lume Photography go to Sierra Club

I’m so happy to announce that Lume Photography is partnering with Sierra Club- protecting Earth’s wild places and fighting for social justice.