Marquette Michigan Elopement on Sugarloaf Mountain

Upper Peninsula Elopement

Lots of elements came together for Rachel and Dave’s wedding, to make this a day to remember. Although they’re not from the area, they chose Marquette, Michigan as the location for their elopement. Marquette is a small, college town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, on the shores of Lake Superior. It’s a charming, historical town that has an eclectic energy.

It was late fall, with cool temperatures and crisp air. The leaves were still displaying some fall colors, and there was a feeling of mystery and enchantment.

Earth Magic Elopement Ceremony

Rachel and Dave are not your traditional couple. They wanted to elope at the top of Sugarloaf Mountain, with just Dave’s parents and their dog, Dorey as witnesses. They also wanted a non-traditional, earth-magic inspired wedding ceremony. I was excited to be a part of such a unique wedding. Earth magic is right up my alley, and so is hiking to the top of mountains!

Finding an officiant who’s willing to climb a mountain and perform a wedding incorporating magical rituals isn’t easy. Luckily, I have connections and was able to hook them up with an amazing officiant- Abby at The Just Rite. She completely rocked the ceremony!

Adventure Wedding in Michigan

Three weeks before the wedding day, I had to have knee surgery. Yep. Just great, right? I was heartbroken that I probably wouldn’t be able to make it to this one- and it was one I was really looking forward to. Rachel and Dave are my kind of people, and I really felt like we connected. Plus I knew their elopement was going to be awesome. I had to have an associate photographer, Farrah Julin, step in to photograph the wedding day for me.

I had my knee surgery, and it went much better than expected. As the wedding day drew closer, I began to think “Hey- I think I might be able to do this!”. About 5 days out I made the call, booked a room, and made my plans to travel to Marquette. I am SO glad I was able to be there that day! I was moving kind of slow, but I was able to make it to every part of the day, and capture all the moments. It was great having Farrah there, too, just in case I needed to chill out for a while or call it a day. I knew she could take over at any time.

There were so many things I loved about this elopement. The flowers. The location. I loved that they chose to get ready together in the historic Landmark Inn. It was so romantic and set the tone for an intimate wedding day. I also loved the time we spent exploring the black rocks on Presque Isle. That place is otherworldly and it was a perfect location to connect with.

Anyway, here are some of my favorites from the day. Enjoy!

Sugarloaf-Mountain-Elopement_Lume-Photography-1_stomped.jpgSugarloaf-Mountain-Elopement_Lume-Photography-10_stomped.jpgSugarloaf-Mountain-Elopement_Lume-Photography-24_stomped.jpgSugarloaf-Mountain-Elopement_Lume-Photography-45_stomped.jpgSugarloaf-Mountain-Elopement_Lume-Photography-47_stomped.jpgSugarloaf-Mountain-Elopement_Lume-Photography-49_stomped.jpgSugarloaf-Mountain-Elopement_Lume-Photography-51_stomped.jpgSugarloaf-Mountain-Elopement_Lume-Photography-53_stomped.jpgSugarloaf-Mountain-Elopement_Lume-Photography-62_stomped.jpg Sugarloaf-Mountain-Elopement_Lume-Photography-65_stomped.jpgSugarloaf-Mountain-Elopement_Lume-Photography-72_stomped.jpgSugarloaf-Mountain-Elopement_Lume-Photography-77_stomped.jpgSugarloaf-Mountain-Elopement_Lume-Photography-86_stomped.jpgSugarloaf-Mountain-Elopement_Lume-Photography-92_stomped.jpgSugarloaf-Mountain-Elopement_Lume-Photography-93_stomped.jpgSugarloaf-Mountain-Elopement_Lume-Photography-99_stomped.jpgSugarloaf-Mountain-Elopement_Lume-Photography-105_stomped.jpgSugarloaf-Mountain-Elopement_Lume-Photography-112_stomped.jpgSugarloaf-Mountain-Elopement_Lume-Photography-117_stomped.jpgSugarloaf-Mountain-Elopement_Lume-Photography-119_stomped.jpgSugarloaf-Mountain-Elopement_Lume-Photography-135_stomped.jpg

Lume Photography is an adventurous elopement and wedding photographer based in Michigan, travelling worldwide. Behind the camera you’ll find me (Andrea)- a girl who loves animals, the wilderness, and love stories. I believe in magic, soulmates, and the hidden forces of energy that connect everything and everyone in the universe. My favorite places are the woods, the mountains, and the ocean. My passion is documenting the moments, emotions and connection between two souls in love, in wild places. I travel to Arizona, Colorado, California, Scotland, and beyond to photograph wild elopements and small destination weddings.