My Lakeside Photo Session

Hi, it’s me, Andrea.

Yep, I’m the one usually behind the camera here at Lume Photography. If you ask me, I’ll tell you about how I became a photographer so I would be the one to take the photos- not be in them. Like most introverts, I usually feel super awkward and nervous in front of cameras!

But when my photographer friend Shonda came to visit me, I thought maybe it would be a good experience for me to be on the other side of the lens. We decided we might take some photos of each other for our businesses (and just for fun!).

Then, on this particular day, the fog rolled in and I knew this was it- the mood was perfect! I grabbed a couple of outfits, my Barebones lantern, foraging basket, and we headed to Calumet Waterworks park.

Shonda is an incredible photographer and I’m so incredibly happy we did this! I’m in love with these photos and even like how I look for once, lol! The photographs capture me in my element, and embody my style & energy…swoooooon!!!

So these photos were taken by my good friend and associate photographer, Shonda, and edited by me. :)

I learned a lot from this experience. Like if you’re waiting for a special occasion, to be in better shape, or to feel great to get photos of yourself, don’t! If you don’t have any recent photos of yourself, just find a photographer you love & trust and go ahead and schedule a session! Or reach out because I would love to do a session with you. You can thank me later.

xo Andrea

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