Red Rocks Adventure Session – Sedona, AZ | Amanda & Mauricio

Sedona, Arizona is one of my favorite places on this planet. (I married my best friend there in 2013) I love the impressive red rocks, the unexpected greenery, the amazing sky at night, and the incredible energy of it all. We drove up Schnebly Hill Rd, which is an adventure in itself, and stopped along the dry creek bottom. Side note: Amanda dyed her own dress for this session- isn’t it beautiful? I was blown away by the genuineness and love between these two…

Lume-Photography-Michigan-Photographer_0160.jpg Lume-Photography-Michigan-Photographer_0161.jpg Lume-Photography-Michigan-Photographer_0162.jpg Lume-Photography-Michigan-Photographer_0163.jpgLume-Photography-Michigan-Photographer_0164.jpg Lume-Photography-Michigan-Photographer_0165.jpg Lume-Photography-Michigan-Photographer_0166.jpg Lume-Photography-Michigan-Photographer_0167.jpg Lume-Photography-Michigan-Photographer_0170.jpg Lume-Photography-Michigan-Photographer_0171.jpg Lume-Photography-Michigan-Photographer_0172.jpg Lume-Photography-Michigan-Photographer_0173.jpg Lume-Photography-Michigan-Photographer_0174.jpg Lume-Photography-Michigan-Photographer_0175.jpg Lume-Photography-Michigan-Photographer_0176.jpg Lume-Photography-Michigan-Photographer_0177.jpg Lume-Photography-Michigan-Photographer_0178.jpg Lume-Photography-Michigan-Photographer_0179.jpg

I absolutely love destination portrait sessions. If you have a trip planned (or are interested in planning one!) and would like me to capture your story there, get in touch! For more information on Adventure Sessions and destination portraits, visit this page.

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