NEW FOR 2022!

ReWild Sessions

Life has been rough on all of us. We all need to take time for ourselves, slow down and connect with nature. It’s all about healing, disconnecting from stress and anxiety, and connecting with our true selves.

does any of this sound familiar?

  • You feel like you’re in a constant state of anxiety, worry, and low-level stress because of the way the world currently is.
  • Sometimes you feel like running away to a quiet, peaceful place and just recharging.
  • At the end of the day, you feel depleted- like your cup is empty. You need to take more time to care for yourself.

you’re not alone…

01. We live in a culture of disconnection

There are too many ways to count the toxicity in modern society. The media, disconnection from nature, modern distractions, and more all contribute to us becoming disconnected from ourselves in a way that damages our very souls. This article from GENEPLANET explains in more detail.

02. We are too comfortable in our daily routine

Having a routine isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if we never take the time to disrupt those routines and break free, we are missing out big time. Check out this article from Psychology Today on the benefits of intentionally stepping out of your comfort zone.

03. We don’t spend enough time in nature

Not only are we not spending enough time in nature & outdoors, but it’s also the kind of time we’re spending there that matters. If you’re going for a walk in the woods but spend the entire time looking at your phone, taking selfies for Instagram, and thinking about your to-do list, you aren’t truly connecting with nature. This article on “Ecopsychology” from Yale tells more about how immersing yourself in nature benefits your mind, body and spirit.

let me introduce…

ReWild Sessions

This is a guided nature connection and spiritual experience combined with a photo session where we’ll capture your wild side.

so you’ll be able to look at your photos and connect with this primal part of yourself again and again.
  • We’ll meet at a sacred place in the wilds of the Upper Peninsula.
  • The session begins with grounding, centering, and shielding our energetic bodies.
  • We participate in a guided meditation.
  • Smoke cleansing, a tarot reading, and/or connecting with your spirit guides can be added on!
  • Then we go out and explore the area, and create some beautiful images for you to keep!

ReWild Sessions are available for individuals or couples.

MEET YOUR photographer & guide

hey, friend!

I’m Andrea and I’m so excited to be your guide & share this amazing experience with you!

How it works



Fill out the form below and let’s get your session scheduled! Once we have the date, I’ll help you with a location, time, and how to prepare.



We meet at the sacred location in nature and I’ll be your guide. The first part of the session will include energy grounding and shielding, and guided meditation. Smoke cleansing, tarot readings, or connecting with your spirit guides can be added on!



You’ll feel refreshed, renewed, connected to your true self, more at peace, and more! And you’ll have a collection of beautiful photos to remember and re-live the experience with.

ReWild Sessions include:

  • A guided experience in nature where you’ll get in touch with the wild part of your soul.
  • A photo session experience where we’ll create beautiful images together to celebrate your rewilding.
  • 30-50 photographs delivered in a private online gallery within 4 weeks, where you can view, download and share them.
  • The ability to order beautiful books, prints, and other photo keepsakes in your gallery.