I love sharing the Weddings and Adventure Sessions I photograph. I also love to share my own travels and adventures with you! I hope my images inspire you, spark your curiosity, and cultivate your appreciation for this wonderful world we live in.

Recently, my family and I took a short trip to the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario. If you’ve never heard of it, you should check it out. It’s one of our favorite places to visit, as you can see from my previous post highlighting Tobermory. The Bruce Peninsula is part of the Niagara Escarpment- a giant, prehistoric ridge of rock that runs for thousands of miles. It’s a geological and ecological wonderland, not to mention an awesome place to visit because of it’s unique beauty. The Bruce Peninsula lies between Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, and is home to Tobermory, Flowerpot Island, the Bruce Trail, and the Fathom Five National Marine Park- Canada’s amazing park that’s mostly underwater, preserving shipwrecks and freshwater ecosystems.

We took my mom and Natalie with us on this trip, and stayed in a cozy A-frame Airbnb in Stokes Bay, about 40 minutes south of Tobermory, the port town located at the tip of the peninsula. This was the first time I have visited the area in the summer, which made for gorgeous weather. Our adventures started in Lion’s Head, where we checked out the town and it’s famous lighthouse. We hiked part of the Bruce Trail, which is one of the craziest trails I’ve ever been on. If you like to hike, the Bruce Trail should be on your bucket list. We went cave exploring at Greig’s Caves (highly recommend this!), swimming in the Georgian Bay, and spent a day in Tobermory, shopping, relaxing, and eating Canada’s best fish & chips. We took the glass-bottom ferry over the shipwrecks and to Flowerpot Island, famous for it’s huge flowerpot shaped rock formations. The trip ended with a spectacular sunset cruise.

Bruce Peninsula, Ontario 2017-07-29_0002.jpg 2017-07-29_0003.jpg 2017-07-29_0004.jpg 2017-07-29_0005.jpg 2017-07-29_0006.jpg 2017-07-29_0007.jpg 2017-07-29_0008.jpg 2017-07-29_0009.jpg 2017-07-29_0010.jpg 2017-07-29_0011.jpg 2017-07-29_0012.jpg 2017-07-29_0013.jpg 2017-07-29_0014.jpg 2017-07-29_0015.jpg 2017-07-29_0016.jpg 2017-07-29_0017.jpg 2017-07-29_0018.jpg 2017-07-29_0019.jpg 2017-07-29_0020.jpg 2017-07-29_0021.jpg 2017-07-29_0022.jpg 2017-07-29_0023.jpg 2017-07-29_0024.jpg 2017-07-29_0025.jpg 2017-07-29_0026.jpg 2017-07-29_0027.jpg 2017-07-29_0028.jpg 2017-07-29_0029.jpg 2017-07-29_0030.jpg 2017-07-29_0031.jpg

I would absolutely love to photograph a destination wedding or Adventure Session on the Bruce Peninsula. If you’d like more info on planning one, drop me a line!