I was SO excited for Ashley and Adam’s wedding! I met them last year, and when we met we hit it off right away. They love music, especially old school rock and punk music (think T-Rex, Thin Lizzy, David Bowie, and newer bands like Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats). I’m so down with that! They’re so perfect together, and totally into each other. Also, Adam plays Skyrim, which is my favorite game ever. So needless to say, we were all really excited to work together!

This wedding was totally rad- from the gold records on the tables, to the fact that their dog Zigmund hung out for the entire day! And, of course, the venue. The Packard Proving Grounds was the perfect setting for this wedding! The day was hot, but perfect. The ceremony was beautiful. The reception was amazing. They chose to do a First Look in the garage before the ceremony, and that was incredible. I had such a great time capturing this wedding, and I wish Ashley & Adam a lifetime of love, adventure and happiness!

2017-08-18_0001.jpg 2017-08-18_0002.jpg 2017-08-18_0003.jpg2017-08-18_0005.jpg 2017-08-18_0006.jpg 2017-08-18_0007.jpg 2017-08-18_0008.jpg 2017-08-18_0009.jpg 2017-08-18_0010.jpg 2017-08-18_0011.jpg Packard Proving Grounds Wedding in Shelby Twp MI 2017-08-18_0013.jpg 2017-08-18_0014.jpg 2017-08-18_0015.jpg 2017-08-18_0017.jpg 2017-08-18_0018.jpg 2017-08-18_0019.jpg 2017-08-18_0020.jpg 2017-08-18_0021.jpg 2017-08-18_0022.jpg 2017-08-18_0023.jpg 2017-08-18_0024.jpg 2017-08-18_0025.jpg 2017-08-18_0026.jpg 2017-08-18_0027.jpg 2017-08-18_0028.jpg 2017-08-18_0029.jpg 2017-08-18_0030.jpg 2017-08-18_0031.jpg 2017-08-18_0032.jpg 2017-08-18_0033.jpg 2017-08-18_0034.jpg 2017-08-18_0035.jpg 2017-08-18_0036.jpg 2017-08-18_0037.jpg 2017-08-18_0038.jpg 2017-08-18_0039.jpg 2017-08-18_0040.jpg 2017-08-18_0041.jpg 2017-08-18_0042.jpg 2017-08-18_0043.jpg 2017-08-18_0044.jpg 2017-08-18_0045.jpg 2017-08-18_0046.jpg 2017-08-18_0047.jpg 2017-08-18_0048.jpg 2017-08-18_0050.jpg 2017-08-18_0051.jpg 2017-08-18_0052.jpg 2017-08-18_0053.jpg 2017-08-18_0054.jpg 2017-08-18_0055.jpg 2017-08-18_0056.jpg 2017-08-18_0057.jpg 2017-08-18_0058.jpg 2017-08-18_0059.jpg 2017-08-18_0060.jpg 2017-08-18_0061.jpg 2017-08-18_0062.jpg 2017-08-18_0063.jpg 2017-08-18_0064.jpg 2017-08-18_0065.jpg 2017-08-18_0066.jpg 2017-08-18_0068.jpg


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