Color! It paints the setting of your wedding day, and provides mood and style. There’s a lot more to choosing your wedding palette than just picking your two favorite colors and calling it good. You should use the general atmosphere and aesthetic of your venue and the mood you want to create as a starting point.

Whether your wedding will be in your backyard or a big venue, have 50 guests or 350, your color scheme will make a big impact and is one of the most important things to consider for your day. Your wedding color palette will also have a big effect on how your photos look. has inspired 3 wedding color trends for spring this year! I personally love more natural, muted colors that can be found in nature, so these color schemes really make me smile.

#1. Lilac and Green


This pretty yet muted shade of purple goes perfectly with greens, and provides a soft, romantic mood.



#2. Blush and Gray

This pastel tone paired with any shade of gray is nostalgic and romantic.


#3. Slate and Moss


If you’re into a more neutral palette, moss and slate are a perfect pair.


If you’re in the Detroit or Southern or Mid Michigan area looking for someone to help you style your wedding because you’re not the best at stuff like that (I totally get that!) or because you don’t have time, or you’d just like some extra input from a professional with a great eye, let me know! I can put you in touch with a wedding planner, wedding coordinator, or florist who would be more than happy to help, and that I can say from experience is amazing!

And if you’re in need of some nice menswear for your wedding and are interested in the option of renting, check out They rent suits and tuxedos with style for a really great price. They make the process really easy- choose a style, use the tools to get the perfect fit, try it on, wear and return. They have links to find inspiration and real wedding photos, as well as a handy style guide for any men involved in your wedding.


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