I met Andrea (I know- best name ever!) and Kris at their house and we walked down to the park at the old fish hatchery in Waterford. We decided to search for some morels, because it’s that time of year, and we all love morel hunting! In case you don’t know what a morel is, it’s a delicious, rare, and extremely hard to find mushroom. If you do find one (or more) it’s the best feeling, if you’re a morel lover! We headed over to the fish ponds and got to watch the sunset, along with some cute duck friends. It was a great session, and I can’t wait to photograph the wedding later this year…

flint-mi-engagement-session_0039.jpg flint-mi-engagement-session_0040.jpg flint-mi-engagement-session_0041.jpg flint-mi-engagement-session_0042.jpg flint-mi-engagement-session_0043.jpg flint-mi-engagement-session_0045.jpg flint-mi-engagement-session_0046.jpg flint-mi-engagement-session_0047.jpg flint-mi-engagement-session_0048.jpg flint-mi-engagement-session_0049.jpg flint-mi-engagement-session_0050.jpg flint-mi-engagement-session_0051.jpg flint-mi-engagement-session_0052.jpg flint-mi-engagement-session_0053.jpg

flint-mi-engagement-session_0054.jpg flint-mi-engagement-session_0055.jpg flint-mi-engagement-session_0056.jpg flint-mi-engagement-session_0057.jpg flint-mi-engagement-session_0058.jpg flint-mi-engagement-session_0059.jpg flint-mi-engagement-session_0060.jpg flint-mi-engagement-session_0061.jpg flint-mi-engagement-session_0062.jpg flint-mi-engagement-session_0063.jpg flint-mi-engagement-session_0064.jpg flint-mi-engagement-session_0065.jpg flint-mi-engagement-session_0066.jpg


I simply adore this engagement. I love the woods, the deepy moody colors and I love that its different and speaks to their heart

Thank you for your kind words, Erika! 

Ann Piscopink

These are really exceptional pictures of our beautiful niece and her fiancé. Love the natural setting! Really nice. 

Thank you so much, Ann! We had a lot of fun doing them!

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