I’ve been friends with Kristin for a long time. Before I opened my photography business, I worked as an assistant at a veterinary hospital in Rochester, Michigan, and Kristin was one of my co-workers. We became friends quickly (not hard to do because she’s the nicest person ever), and have remained in touch ever since. Since then, Kristin has graduated veterinary school, and is a vet at the Stony Creek Veterinary Hospital in Washington, MI. She met Mike a few years ago, and their relationship quickly blossomed. When they decided to tie the knot this year, I was so excited and honored that they chose me as their photographer!

We met at their home in Rochester, which- unsurprisingly- is also home to a menagerie of dogs. After feeding the pooches, we headed over to Stony Creek Park (one of my favorite local places) to capture the two of them together, pre-wedding. The park is a fantastic place for a couple to just relax and enjoy nature.

2017-06-11_0059.jpg 2017-06-11_0060.jpg 2017-06-11_0058.jpg 2017-06-11_0057.jpg 2017-06-11_0061.jpg 2017-06-11_0062.jpg 2017-06-11_0063.jpg 2017-06-11_0064.jpg 2017-06-11_0066.jpg 2017-06-11_0067.jpg 2017-06-11_0068.jpg 2017-06-11_0070.jpg 2017-06-11_0069.jpg 2017-06-11_0071.jpg 2017-06-11_0073.jpg 2017-06-11_0065.jpg 2017-06-11_0075.jpg 2017-06-11_0074.jpg 2017-06-11_0076.jpg 2017-06-11_0077.jpg 2017-06-11_0078.jpg 2017-06-11_0079.jpg 2017-06-11_0080.jpg 2017-06-11_0081.jpg 2017-06-11_0082.jpg 2017-06-11_0083.jpg 2017-06-11_0084.jpg 2017-06-11_0085.jpg 2017-06-11_0053.jpg 2017-06-11_0054.jpg 2017-06-11_0052.jpg 2017-06-11_0055.jpg 2017-06-11_0056.jpg 2017-06-11_0046.jpg 2017-06-11_0047.jpg 2017-06-11_0048.jpg 2017-06-11_0049.jpg 2017-06-11_0050.jpg 2017-06-11_0051.jpg


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That last photo gives me goosies.  Wow these are gorgeous!

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