Tenacity Brewing Wedding in Flint MI | Marce & Mike

I am so excited to share this awesome Michigan wedding with you! It happened in May at Tenacity Brewing in Flint, and I’m sure it’s going down as one of my favorite events I’ve been the wedding photographer at. Marce and Mike are super great people- if you haven’t seen it, check out their incredible engagement Together Session HERE.

The ceremony was held in a big tent outside the brewery, and highlights of the day included all the fresh beer you could drink, the most amazing taco bar ever by Vehicle City Tacos, a s’mores bar, and live music by Still Rain- who played everything from Violent Femmes to Bruno Mars (they were awesome!).

Even though the day ended with a big rainstorm, it didn’t slow the party down one bit. Everyone had a great time, and surely this wedding day will be remembered for a long time!

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S'mores bar

2017-07-13_0052.jpg 2017-07-13_0053.jpg 2017-07-13_0054.jpg 2017-07-13_0055.jpg 2017-07-13_0056.jpg 2017-07-13_0057.jpg


Okay. This wedding is everything. That dress, his hair, the tacos… These photos make me want to come to Michigan!  WOW love love love. 

Thanks, Kim!! You are welcome anytime! ;)

Thanks Kari! They are so much fun :D

Love these photos. The detail shots of this venue are amazing. I wish I lived near Burton, Michigan to check it out.

Thanks Laurie!

What a fun wedding! the bride is gorgeous! I would have never thought a brewery would be a good wedding locale but it was stunning! Flint has a lot of hidden gems and this is one of them! 

I agree! This turned out to be an amazing wedding venue- a hidden Michigan gem!

I say you can never go wrong with a taco bar! These are beautiful wedding photos that I am sure the couple will cherish for many many years!

Thank you, Elise!

Tiara Wilson

Seriously, what a fun and unique wedding! I absolutely love that 1. They had tacos, I mean who doesn’t love tacos. 2. I love that this bride decided to go out with a BANG and wear a non-traditional wedding dress. <3

Thank you, Tiara! The tacos were da bomb!!

Love it that they chose Tenacity Brewing– such a charming and inviting, fun space!  Also, the brick and red look great in photos, looks like everyone had so much fun.  But *swoon* your last image is TDF, nothing better than a little rain and pretty light- perfect real life romance! <3 


These photos are absolutely stunning! What a fun couple, and you have a great editing style!

Thanks Jude!


What an awesome brewery and taco truck wedding in Flint! Love this! Her dress is stunning! I just love their style and your photos go perfectly with their fun-loving style! 

What a stunning wedding! I love that building with the red details so much! The perfect backdrop! 

It’s so cool, isn’t it? An old fire station!


Oh my gosh, that last image is so stunning in the rain!! What a gorgeous wedding, love how unique and intimate it was! Congrats to the couple.

Such beautiful wedding photos! The venue they chose looks like it was incredible and I’m loving her dress.

Thanks so much! Yeah her dress was incredible!!

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