The Elopement Experience



If you could get married anywhere in the world where would you go? What would your dream day look like? 

I’m here to help you plan your perfect wedding day. I love to help couples  design the best experience possible, so their day is the most unforgettable, amazing experience of their lives! I can help with everything from choosing the location, to styling, to travel tips, to what to bring, to safety and Leave No Trace principles. Everything you’ll need is just a click away- send me a message today and let’s start talking about your dream elopement!

A bride and groom standing together in an intimate pose, with magical light surrounding them.

The Day Of:

Each elopement is going to be a wildly unique experience. My goal is to tell the story of your wedding day as it unfolds, as a witness to your own special adventure.

San Francisco elopement


Your story begins well before you say your vows and exchange rings. The start of your day is the start of your story. Depending on what you want, I might be there from the very beginning, or meet up with you a little bit later, but either way I want to be able to set the scene and document what happened as you prepared for your ceremony.



A photo of the sunset in Scotland

The setting of your ceremony and the adventure you have on the way there are important parts of your story that I’ll photograph.



When we get to the spot where you’ll have your ceremony, I’ll help you get everything set up. Then I’ll be there to capture every detail of this unforgettable moment.


Elopement in San Francisco

Tybee Island Elopement


I’ll let you have some time to soak everything in, then we’ll go make some incredible images together! I’ll be your guide as we do a little exploring, making amazing photos as we go along. 


Beach Elopement

Bride and groom walking under a tree

scotland elopement


This part of your elopement day is really where your own unique style comes in. After your ceremony there are endless possibilities of how you could celebrate/wrap up your wedding day. Maybe you want to share a delectable, intimate meal together. Or read letters from family next to a campfire. Share a toast or eat some cupcakes. Or just hike back to your car and head home to snuggle. No matter what you decide to do, it will be perfect. 

Bride and groom in a canoe

Moon rising over pine forest



Are intentional about their wedding day and their photography. If you’re hiring a photographer just because you’re “supposed to”, then I’m probably not the right one for you. I want my clients to be excited to work with me, love my work, and trust my vision.

Go with the flow. I know from experience that plans don’t always go as expected. I really get along well with people who can let go and just enjoy themselves, and embrace the spontaneous. 

Don’t care so much about having a lot of posed portraits, staged photos or Pinterest shots. i.e. your rings carefully balanced between your high heels, the dress hanging from a tree branch, etc. I’m more focused on real moments, raw emotions, and creatively capturing the story as it actually happens.

"Andrea was there for us from the beginning, and made everything so easy. She helped us find this amazing place that was way better than we could have ever imagined. She was ready to assist with everything- from helping to carry stuff to giving us hiking advice. We actually didn't even notice her being there, most of the time. It was like she was there, but not! We are in love with the photos. Definitely call Andrea if you're going to elope! "

-Chloe M.