Happy Wednesday! I wanted to take a minute to show you my favorite way to display your wedding photos- the Wedding Album. These albums are offered exclusively to Lume Photography clients, and feature clean, modern designs, and earth-friendly materials. They’re a stunning way to display the story of your day in a unique keepsake treasure, that you can share with your family for generations.

wedding album spread

wedding album close up


Wedding Albums are available in three designs- the Rustic, the Textile, and the Traditional. Each album is 10×10 inches, and handmade just for you. The album design is totally custom (designed by me) and you can make up to three changes at no charge.

The Rustic:

rustic wedding album

The Textile:

textile album design

The Traditional (shown in Sand Linen with Copper Lettering)


My favorite thing about these albums is the exquisite way they look and feel. Each album is carefully made using eco-friendly materials like Himalayan grass and handloomed hemp. The pages inside feature the finest paper and inks- when you see them you’ll swoon over the beautiful colors and texture. These albums are so unique and are definitely a conversation piece!


Do you know the difference between an album and a book? An album features thick, rigid pages that do not bend easily. The pages in the albums I offer feature higher quality papers and inks. These albums are made to last a lifetime and longer, without fading, changing colors, or losing their beauty. There is no gap between pages in the center, so when you open them up you can lay them flat and images will spread across the middle.

wedding album pages

Books, on the other hand, are more like the ones you see in a book store. The pages are thinner and will bend easily. You can’t lay a book out flat and have no gap in the center of the pages.

photo book


Of course, taking care of your album properly will ensure that it’s around for you to enjoy for years and years. When you receive your album, you’ll also get instructions on how to care for it.

For information on prices and other products from Lume Photography, send me a message.



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