The Wedding Experience

Here’s a breakdown of how a typical wedding day goes for me. Of course, this is only one example. Your wedding day might be completely different- and that’s ok! The important thing is that I’ll be there to capture it, and create some amazing photographs that are beautiful and meaningful.

Elopement in Toronto


I arrive well before the ceremony and start to capture the story of your day. Like any good storyteller, I begin by “setting the scene”. I photograph the setting, the details and the environment. Where were you both at? What was the weather doing? What was the energy like in the room?

I’ll get some photos of you both getting ready for your ceremony, and then a quick portrait once you’re dressed. If you have any special traditions going on, like exchanging letters, or doing a first look, I’ll capture those moments.

Bride looking out a window before she gets her wedding dress on.
Bride getting her wedding dress down from the hanger.
Bride getting her makeup done before wedding.

All throughout the day, I’ll be capturing little details and environmental shots that help to tell the story of your day. I don’t usually move things around or do elaborate setups- I like to capture things as they are, where they are. That way your photos are as authentic as possible.

Place setting at wedding.
Flower girl holding bouquet in a candid photo before the ceremony.
Rustic centerpiece with candles and greenery at outdoor wedding.


I like to move around a lot during a wedding ceremony, to get the best angles and variety.  I want to document the setting of your ceremony, the guests, the little details, and of course, all the moments that make it special.

When you look at your photos, I want you to be taken right back there, to the time and place when you said your vows, exchanged rings, and pledged your lives to one another.

Outdoor intimate Michigan wedding
Couple holding hands and crying happy tears while exiting their wedding ceremony.


I’ll be there to capture all the excitement and hugs after you exit the ceremony. If you’re signing your marriage license then, I’ll photograph that. Then I’ll start to get people rounded up for family portraits.

Although I don’t focus on posed portraits, family portraits are still important. We’ll make them quick and easy. Before your wedding, I’ll have helped you make a list of the groups you’d like photos of, so it’s just a matter of going through the list. We’ll do portraits with your immediate family now, and if you have extended family you’d like photos with, we’ll grab those later during the reception.

If you have a wedding party, we’ll do some quick portraits with them next. I like to keep these short and sweet, so we have plenty of time for what’s next and you don’t have to feel rushed.

formal wedding portrait with flower girl and couple
Family wedding portrait


Next, I’ll take you somewhere to do portraits with just the two of you. This part of the day is my favorite, and my specialty! It’s not just about doing photos- it’s also a time for you to step away and have a little time to yourselves. You can relax, be away from distractions, and take in the moment.

The more time we have to do these photos the better your photos will be. I typically recommend 30 minutes at a minimum- up to an hour or more. Depending on how much time we have, we can either walk somewhere near your guests but away from distractions, or we can drive to a completely different, amazing location.

• If you do a first look, I recommend doing some group portraits before the ceremony to give you even more time. Plus, everyone will be fresh and less distracted then.

Couple at wedding in the trees
A bride and groom standing together in an intimate pose, with magical light surrounding them.
Beach Elopement
Bride and groom in a canoe
Lesbian couple standing on a mountain and embracing.


I’ll be hanging out and blending in as a guest. It’ll be just like having a good friend there who also happens to be an amazing photographer! I’ll capture all the moments and events that happen, and the great celebration of your wedding. Your guests won’t feel like they’re being forced to have their picture taken, and that’ll result in awesome, natural photos.

After dinner, speeches, first dance, and other traditions are done, that’s when the celebration really begins. I’ll be right there, mingling with everyone, dancing, laughing, and capturing all the moments.

If it’s possible, at sunset I’ll grab the two of you and step outside for a few magical sunset photos. The light is always incredibly beautiful this time in the evening. Afterwards, I’ll wrap up the story of your wedding day and check with you to make sure you don’t need anything else.

Wedding couple feeding each other cake
Bride and groom kissing at wedding reception.
Wedding couple holding hands with sunset behind.


Are intentional about their wedding and their wedding photography. If you’re hiring a photographer just because you’re “supposed to”, then I’m probably not the right one for you. I want my clients to be excited to work with me, love my work, and trust my vision.

Go with the flow. I know from experience that weddings are unpredictable, and anything can happen. I really get along well with people who can let go and just enjoy themselves and celebrate with their loved ones.

Don’t care so much about having a lot of posed portraits, staged photos or Pinterest shots. I’ve found that while I’m setting up these photos, I could be missing lots of really important moments- and besides, I think your dress looks way better in photos when it’s on you, not hanging on a hanger.

That being said, I do love capturing little details and things that make your wedding you, I just typically don’t take a lot of extra time to move items, set up lighting, etc- and I’d much rather take photos of the details with some story context.

Want their photos to be authentic. I love capturing moments as they happen. The joy when you start walking down the aisle, and the reaction from your partner. The way your parents look at you while you say your vows. Because I’m more focused on these events as they happen, I don’t spend a lot of time on staged portraits or set up shots.

During editing, I don’t make people look different than they really are (aside from removing major blemishes). I want your memories to be preserved as they are- beautiful, real moments.

"Andrea is so personable and goes out of her way to get to know you, your family members and guests. I have to admit at first I was feeling nervous because she doesn't go for the posed photos but I knew her work was amazing! After working with her and seeing our pictures we couldn't imagine it going any other way. Her pictures show the story of a fairytale and we couldn't be happier."

-Kayla W.