Wedding Photography


I love to work with couples who value emotional and authentic moments captured through the art of wedding photography. The way I work is as unique as you are. My style is photojournalistic and I blend in on your wedding day as a guest would so I can get those crazy, amazing candid shots of you having the time of your life with the people you love. It’s spontaneous and natural and packed full of beautiful and meaningful moments. As a result, you receive fine-art photographs that reveal your unique connection and energy as a couple.

My approach to wedding photography is unique. Firstly, I won’t just show up before your ceremony, start snapping photos, do some portraits afterwards and then call it a day. Your wedding is so much more than just a ceremony or a gathering of family and friends. It’s the beginning of a great story- your story. It’s not about how your family expects you to do it, and it’s not about how much money you’ve spent compared to your friends. It is about coming together to celebrate with your closest family and friends. It’s about your love and your commitment to one another. And it’s about what you want and how you want it to be.

My wedding photography focuses on the moments that naturally occur as the day unfolds. It can be creative, artistic, sometimes intense, sometimes incredible, but always is authentic. I want to capture photographs that make me feel something, that will evoke deep feeling within you. Photographs that carry meaning, but also tell your story.


I’m fascinated by the human connection- especially between two people in love. That energy is so strong, so raw, and so beautiful. I want to tell the story of that connection for you. In order for me to capture these images, we need to open up to each other. Think of me as your best friend, or better yet- your partner in crime. As we get to know each other, the more trust builds between us, which really translates to more personal, special, and powerful photos.

I’m not going to just show up on your wedding day and start snapping photos. I want us to get to know each other first. The more you let me in, the more personal and meaningful your photos will be. Just think of the possibilities of what we can create together! We can get together for coffee or a beer, talk as much as you want on the phone or video call. I also recommend doing an engagement session, or some sort of pre-wedding photo session together- that way we can “practice” and you can get comfortable with me at work before your big day arrives. Plus, you’ll get some beautiful images!

Choosing me as your wedding photographer means I’ll be preserves these memories for you, as part of your legacy. I want you to value your photography. You’re investing in memories for a lifetime and beyond.


I’m going to spend 99% of your wedding day capturing the moments, events, and little things that tell the story of your day in the most natural way. You’ll be totally free to be yourselves. Celebrate. Relax. Party. Love every moment! No overly staged photos. No dresses hanging from tree branches when they’ll look better on you anyway. No photos of rings when you’re going to be wearing them every day and looking at them all the time.

I want to tell the story of your wedding in the most natural, authentic and personal way. I want to document the emotions, the moments, and the real you so that you’ll have these photographs to look back on forever.


Your wedding is going to be incredibly special.

Here’s a breakdown of how a typical wedding day goes for me. Of course, this is only one example. Your wedding might be completely different- and that’s ok. I’ve photographed elopements where there were no family or guests, intimate weddings that just had a ceremony and dinner, and lots of other scenarios. The important thing is that I’ll be there to capture it, and create some amazing photographs that are beautiful and meaningful.



I like to start the story right before you get dressed, and end a little while after the dance floor opens. Before the ceremony starts, I like to hang out and blend in as a friend, not an annoying photographer stalking you or in your face constantly directing you. I might ask you to move into better light, but that’s about as hands-on as I get.


All throughout the day, I’ll be capturing little details and environmental shots that tell the story of your day. I don’t usually move things around or do elaborate setups- I like to capture things as they are.


When it comes time to do your couples portraits (after your First Look, and/or after the ceremony, and/or at sunset), I like to take the two of you somewhere alone, so you can enjoy each other and just have a moment to breathe and relax. This might be the only time that you’ll have to be alone with each other for the whole day. Here it’s all about the connection, the love, and the energy between you.

During your ceremony, I’m documenting all of the moments, the emotions, and the reactions. The more freedom I have to move about, the better.

Right after the ceremony, after you’ve signed your marriage certificate and gotten a few hugs, we’ll start the family portraits. I’ll be sending you an online Wedding Worksheet about a month before your wedding, and one of the sections is to help you plan out your must-have family shots. We’ll use that as a guide on your wedding day to get your family portraits done as fast and easy as possible. No one likes standing around in front of a camera forever when there’s a party going on! I usually take about 20 minutes for family portraits. Additional groupings we can always grab during the reception. :)

For the wedding party I usually take a couple shots of the whole group, and each side of the group (i.e. bridesmaids, groomsmen, bridesmen, groomsmaids, etc.).

For the reception, I like to float around and get a variety of images, while capturing all the big events like speeches, cake cutting, and your first dance. During dinner, I’d love to be seated with your guests because it also helps me blend in and be a part of the day, instead of a stranger with a camera. I’ll eat when you eat, that way I can sit and recharge, as well as be ready for any speeches or impromptu moments that might happen.

 Next it’s time to party! I love to get out on the dance floor with everybody and get some awesome dance floor shots.


  • Want to work with me. I know it should go without saying, but if you’re hiring a photographer just because you’re “supposed to”, then I’m probably not the right one for you. I want my clients to be excited to work with me, love my work, and trust my vision.
  • Go with the flow. I know from experience that weddings are unpredictable, and anything can happen. I really get along well with people who can let go and just enjoy themselves and celebrate with their loved ones.
  • Don’t care so much about having a lot of staged photos. i.e. your rings carefully balanced between your high heels, the dress hanging from a tree branch, etc. I’ve found that while I’m setting up these photos, I could be missing lots of really important moments- and besides, I think your dress looks way better in photos when it’s on you, not hanging on a hanger. That being said, I do love capturing little details and things that make your wedding you, I just typically don’t take a lot of extra time to move items, set up lighting, etc- and I’d much rather take photos of the details with some story context.
  • Want their photos to be natural. I love capturing moments as they happen. The joy when you start walking down the aisle, and the reaction from your partner. The way your parents look at you while you say your vows. Because I’m more focused on these events as they happen, I don’t set up elaborate shots or create false scenarios. During editing, I don’t do extensive retouching or make people look different than they really are. I believe in keeping things real.



If you think this sounds like a perfect match for you, then hit me up! Let’s start a conversation about you and your wedding plans. If you decide to book me as your photographer, I would be honored.

If you don’t think my style is right for you, feel free to email me at and let me know more about what you’re looking for. I’d be happy to refer you to some other international wedding photographers in my network that would be what you’re looking for.