Witchy ReWILD session in the woods

She contacted me about doing some “witchy vibes” photos and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to do a ReWILD session!

ReWILD sessions are all about connecting with your wild self. Your primal nature. Letting go of your worries and responsibilities and, instead, being present with the earth for a while. It’s like an energy reset!

I offer ReWILD sessions on the Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan’s UP (where I live). The Keweenaw is an AMAZING place of sacred power! The entire peninsula is formed from ancient lava and the underground flows with some of the world’s only pure solid copper veins. you can actually FEEL the energy vibrations here.

If the Keweenaw just isn’t an option for you and you’d really love to book a ReWILD session with me, I travel, too!

Anyway, we met at Seven Lakes State Park in Fenton, Michigan. The session started out with a smoke cleansing, grounding, and shielding. Then we did a guided sacred energy meditation. The crispy autumn forest welcomed us in and we spent the rest of the session making some hauntingly beautiful photos!

I’m absolutely loving these sessions- if you’re interested in one, they’re available for individuals AND couples! Click here for more information and to book a ReWILD session!

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