The Emotions Workshop with Lume Photography is a one-day workshop that teaches everything you want to know about my Connection Sessions. I’ll teach you the same techniques that I use for Connection Sessions, engagement sessions and wedding couples to get natural poses and reactions that tell an emotional love story.

I’ll introduce you to my work, my style, and what my goals are when shooting a couple. I’ll explain everything that goes into a Connection Session, and answer and questions you might have. We’ll go over communication with your clients, choosing a location, lighting, camera settings, how to conduct the session, prompts, and much more!


Besides learning my ways, you’ll be able to photograph a real couple during the live session in this beautiful location. These are not paid models- they are an actual couple and you’ll get to see just how I get them to go from awkward and nervous to relaxed and passionate. I’ll walk you through, while allowing everyone a chance to practice, and I’ll be there to help you, inspire you, and answer questions.


Photographers of any level who want to learn how to take emotionally charged, intimate images of couples who are in love are welcome!

The Emotions Workshop is limited to just 10 participants, to give everyone the best experience possible. Everyone will have plenty opportunities to ask questions and practice with guidance!

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What's included?

A 90-minute class with me, snacks and beverages (if you have a food allergy or requirement, just let me know), a 2-hour live shoot with a real couple, and the opportunity to join me for dinner and drinks with open q&a.

What do I bring?

Comfy shoes, your camera, and whatever lenses you feel comfortable bringing (I shoot with a 35mm and 85mm). If you want to bring a laptop or notepad, that's great! I'll also have paper and pencils if you want to take notes and forget yours. I also recommend bringing rain gear if it looks like it's going to be wet.

Will you be teaching editing/workflow?

This workshop focuses on my Connection Sessions- how to direct the session, prompts, lighting for mood, bringing out the emotions, etc. We won't have a lot of time to go over editing and workflow, but I will touch on it. If you want to learn more about my editing/workflow, I recommend 1:1 Mentoring (look under Information > For Photographers).

What if it rains?

The workshop will take place, rain or shine! The class portion of the workshop will be inside, and if it rains we'll still shoot. Depending on how heavy the rain is/how cold it is, part of the live shoot instruction may be moved inside.

"I loved that it was real. Andrea shared her expertise and walked us (literally and figuratively) through a day in one of her couple connected sessions. I LOVED IT!"


"I had so much fun at your Emotions Workshop. I learned so much about how to create connections with my clients. I started putting what I learned to work immediately and I have already started to create more emotive images for my clients. I feel more inspired and confident after this workshop. Thank you, Andrea! :)"


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