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  1. These are stunning such great storytelling moments looks like an incredible day!

  2. Wow, I love your photos! The colours, the GIF’s especially. So beautifully captured!

  3. These are incredible! I absolutely love the GIFs! So unique and love that there are so many variety of scenery!

  4. Your work is so incredibly beautiful, I’m almost tearing up :’) Such a lovely day and you captured it perfectly – it’s like watching a romantic movie in still pictures. Loving the GIFs!

  5. What a beautiful day. Absolutely stunning work! The rainbow is just perfection 🥹 I live for days where you experience all the seasons in one, love that your clients decided to dance in the rain!

  6. Wow! Looking through these was like watching a romantic, artsy movie. What an amazing day you captured.

  7. This is a surreal celebration, love the artwork here and as if a rainbow made an appearance…epic! Lucky couple to have found you to tell their story in a way so special as this, thanks for sharing.