Andrea Brandt Chapoton


Hi! I’m Andrea, a photographer with a love of adventure, people, and stories. I live in the beautiful State of Michigan with my family, and our dogs, cat, and horse. On a typical evening off you might find me watching a movie (Marvel, anyone?), playing board games, or relaxing by the bonfire.  

I discovered my love of telling stories through photographs when I started documenting weddings, about 6 years ago. I’ve always had a camera and enjoyed taking photos of nature, people, and my travels, but it wasn’t until I started capturing weddings that I really felt I found my niche. My favorite thing is witnessing the reaction of my clients when I deliver their images, and knowing that I've preserved their memories for them in such a beautiful way.

My style of photography is a mix of fine art (like you'd hang in a gallery), photojournalism (telling a story with images) and documentary (capturing what occurs naturally). I love the un-traditional, the unexpected, and the un-posed.  

If you’d like to meet me (grab a beer and some tacos, perhaps?) and talk about what I can do for you, drop me a line!