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I’m a documentary wedding photographer based near Detroit, Michigan. I love adventures, animals, and have some sort of obsession with rocks and trees.

I believe in equality and fairness and that all humans deserve love. I’m probably the least judgmental person you’ll ever meet- hey, if you want everyone in your wedding to wear black, or you want Chewbacca to be your officiant, I think that’s great! You do what you love and I’ll be there to document it and celebrate with you!

I’m all about capturing real moments, emotion, connection, and authenticity. My style is primarily documentary (or, photo-journalistic). I love to document love stories and weddings of couples who are wildly in love. My favorite weddings are on the smaller, more intimate side, and set in a beautiful location outside- because I love being in nature and feel so much more energized and peaceful when I’m surrounded by it.

If you’re going to work with me, it’s important that we get to know each other, develop a relationship, and build the trust that will let me into your space. The more you let me in, the better my photos can be. It’s easy- we can meet up for a beer or coffee, get together at your place, or even set up a few video calls. You can also expect I’ll be sending you a friend request on Facebook. : )

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I Like


Warm summer nights + bonfires.

Dogs. And Cats. Ferrets. My horse. Pretty much all animals.

Meeting new people and hearing their stories.

Minimalism. I've found that focusing less on stuff and more on making awesome memories, the better I feel.

Experiencing the world + being surrounded by nature.

Making great memories with my family and friends.

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Random Facts

My husband and I eloped in Sedona, Arizona. We came back home and had a party in our backyard. It was amazing and just the way we wanted it.

My ancestry is Norwegian and Swedish. I'm sure that means I am a viking.

I have some kind of obsession with rocks and trees.

I grew up in the Detroit area, but when I was in high school I moved to Traverse City and lived there for 8 years.

I have two kids- my wild daughter, Natalie, and quiet son, Evan.

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I Dislike

People who are racist, judgmental, or intolerant.

Heavy traffic and long lines.

Roller coasters. I get really bad motion sickness! But I love to watch them.

Any kind of violence towards animals or other people.

Mosquitoes, ticks, angry wasps.

Flights that are cancelled or delayed. Also, airplane food.

When people don't return my emails or respond at all. :(

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I'd love to be a part of your journey and document it in meaningful, imaginative imagery. Let me be your guide, and we can create something unique and beautiful.