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I’m Andrea

Photographer, teller of stories, nature nerd.

I’m passionate about helping couples who are seeking a meaningful alternative to the traditional way weddings are done. Are you wanting to reduce stress while creating an unforgettable wedding experience? Are nature’s beauty and spirituality important to you? Do you crave a wedding day that feels intentional and personal? If so, then I think we should talk!

Because of my spiritual background and connection with nature, I specialize in experiences that involve wild outdoor spaces—such as the rugged shores of Lake Superior or old-growth forests. Each session is crafted with intention so that all couples can feel free and celebrated—and can share it in ways that align with their values. Feel free to reach out if this sounds like the perfect fit for you!

my story

How it all began

When it was time for my Scott and I to plan our wedding, we were lost. We both agreed that a traditional wedding wasn’t the way to go. We hated the idea of being in the spotlight as an audience of guests listened to us exchange vows. And to waste all that money on all the “stuff” you’re expected to have at a wedding made us cringe. So after a lot of planning, we eloped in nature with just the two of us, with the sky above and earth below, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing- other than investing more in my photos :).

Now here I am living in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with my little family. We’re nestled within the wild beauty of the Keweenaw Peninsula, where every day feels like an escape! We have 3 cats and 2 dogs plus a horse at a nearby farm- what can I say? I love animals! When I have free time you might find me rock or mushroom hunting. And my camera is always with me so I can document life and all of it’s amazingness.

My Philosophy

I help couples plan a nature-centric, intentional experience for their wedding day. I encourage couples to embrace their uniqueness and choose a wedding experience that focuses on what’s truly important to them. And then I document their story in amazing, meaningful photos so they can re-live this experience for a lifetime!

I’m all about bringing intention and connection to your wedding day; not just pretty photos in a pretty place. So if you crave a wedding experience that focuses on the two of you having an amazing time together, where you can relax and be present together, connect with nature, and maybe even add in a custom adventure—let’s talk!

Let’s BE FRIENDS AND create an aWESOME, unforgettable experience!

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crystals + camera stuff

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☉ cancer, ☾ gemini, ↑ libra




bigfoot + ghosts

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in the woods


paranormal experiences

My Favorite Person IS

my husband, scott

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water or whisky

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my cats/dogs/horse!

Let’s make some magic together.