Love & Adventure On Lake Superior

Lake Superior Engagement Photos

Love is beautiful :) For Amanda, Mike, and their dog Bear, the wild and stunning shoreline of Lake Superior was the perfect spot for their engagement photo shoot. We wandered along the coastline and captured the essence of their love as I guided them through. This picturesque location with its rugged terrain, the vastness of Lake Superior, and amazing rock formations made for a perfect backdrop for their pre-wedding photography.

Presque Isle

Our first stop was at the Presque Isle to check out the Black Rocks. The Black Rocks are a series of volcanic rocks that were formed over a billion years ago. It’s truly otherworldly! We walked along the huge, black boulders, gazing out at the vast expanse of cobalt-blue water. The breathtaking view of the lake and their love were a perfect combination.

Wetmore Landing

Our next stop was Wetmore Landing, where we continued our adventure along the shoreline, exploring its vast and rugged terrain. We walked along the stunning sandy beach, capturing the beauty of the lake as Amanda and Mike shared some intimate moments. Bear, their super cute pup, happily tagged along, never wanting to take his eyes off of his owners.

Candid Moments

My focus as their photographer is capturing candid moments that feel natural and authentic. I use easy, suggestive prompts to get couples to naturally connect with each other and their surroundings. After a while, when everyone is more relaxed and trusting of the process, I help them bring intention and mindfulness to the session, and create an atmosphere where they can really focus on what matters- their relationship, emotions, and story.

These engagement photos on Lake Superior are the perfect example of how the beauty of nature can create the perfect environment for romance and connection. If you are looking for engagement photos that are not only breathtaking but also personal and unique, then Michigan’s Marquette on the shores of Lake Superior is where you should start. With magnificent scenery, romantic sunsets, and the chance to explore and be adventurous, this is the perfect place to take your true love. Don’t forget to bring your furry friends, too, because they make the best co-stars. So, are you ready for your own wild and scenic engagement story? Let’s make it happen!

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  1. Love the colors, scenery and addition of their pup. Such a beautiful Lake Superior couples session!

  2. I love these! This area looks so magical – perfect for an engagement session! The gifs are so fun too :)

  3. So cute & relaxed feeling! The perfect recipe for an engagement session

  4. Ann Marie says:

    Beautiful photos and looks like it was a wonderful Engagement session! Their puppers is so cute too! Love this! :)