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You’re a couple that likes to do things your own way. You have a unique style, are less traditional than the average couple and want to feel free to express yourself as you celebrate your lives together. You have a vision for your wedding that may be a little bit eccentric, definitely full of love, and most importantly: Entirely Yours. You may not love getting your photograph taken (I don’t either, I get it!) but you really want to make sure that this important chapter of your life is documented in a natural and artistic way that feels easy, adventurous, and meaningful.

That’s what I’m here for.

I love to work with couples who value emotional and authentic moments captured through the art of photography. The way I work is as unique as you are. My style is photojournalistic and artistic, and I blend in on your wedding day as a guest would so I can get those crazy, amazing candid shots of you having the time of your life with the people you love. It’s spontaneous and natural and packed full of beautiful and meaningful moments. As a result, you receive fine-art photographs that reveal your unique connection and energy as a couple.



Creative Wedding Photographer in Michigan for the Adventurers, the Dreamers & the Rebels


Hi, I’m Andrea and I'm a creative wedding and adventure photographer from Detroit, Michigan. I'm an artist with a camera who's obsessed with telling stories of love and connection through awesome photography. I started taking photographs when I was a kid, fell in love with seeing the world this way, and haven’t stopped since. When I’m not behind my camera you will probably find me watching a Netflix documentary, hangin' with my family, enjoying nature every chance I get, or hitting the trails with my horse. Yep, I have a horse. I love to travel and will go anywhere to document your love story.