Keweenaw’s Black Sands

I’ve decided to start featuring some of my favorite locations in their own posts, and this is the first! I’m a big believer in preserving the beauty and serenity of my favorite outdoor places, and for that reason, I won’t geotag or reveal specific location names or map locations. Only my clients and close friends get detailed location info from me. :)

Nestled in the heart of the Keweenaw Peninsula lies a place of unique beauty and historical significance. Miles of sweeping black sand that seems out of place here in Michigan, and old ruins from the area’s mining history. This hidden gem is a stunning location that’s perfect for a wedding or photo shoot. For those who love offbeat nature and history, this is the perfect location to say “I do” or to capture precious memories.

  • Plenty of room for lots of people here!
  • A beach with a dark aesthetic as opposed to the typical rocks or white sandy beaches of Michigan.
  • 30 minutes from the conveniences of Calumet & Mohawk.
  • Rarely busy.
  • Morning sunrise over the water.
  • No bathrooms or nearby conveniences.
  • Dog friendly! Pick up after your friend. :)
  • No permits or fees to do photos here.

The Keweenaw Peninsula’s secret black sands are undoubtedly a hidden gem. With its natural beauty, unique history, and surrounding areas’ activities, it’s the perfect spot for a wedding or photo shoot. If you’re looking for wild nature that’s raw and powerful, then the Keweenaw Peninsula is a must-visit!

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