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This isn’t your average photography experience! I help craft unique and memorable experiences that you’ll savor for a lifetime.

The Lume Photography Experience

Let me show you how merging my 13+ years of experience with an intimate knowledge of mindfulness and intention creates an unparalleled experience. It’s not just about amazing photography; it’s like having a relaxed friend by your side, making the process easy and enjoyable.

From blending nature’s beauty with intentional moments that celebrate your connection, you’ll have an unforgettable, stress-free experience along with purely amazing images that preserve these incredible moments in time.

:) Andrea



I’m not your average photographer. I see things in a different way, and I do things my own way. Which usually translates to amazing photos and an incredible experience for those I work with. My personality is easygoing, and people say I feel like an old friend the first time they meet me. I’m kind of a weirdo (but in the best way possible!). You might find me wandering out in the woods looking for mushrooms or nerding out over the current astrological conditions.

I specialize in working with couples who share a deep appreciation for spirituality and nature. For me, it’s not just about finding a pretty spot to snap a few photos. It’s about cultivating an experience that touches your soul and leaves you with memories that will last a lifetime.


intention and MINDFULNESS

I will help you infuse intention and mindfulness into your experience, ensuring that every moment is meaningful and you get the most out of it.


I have 13+ years of experience with elopements and that comes with TONS of advice and resources for you! I’m full of knowledge and here for you throughout your experience.

Intimate photo of a bride and groom on Marquette Mountain in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

friend with a camera

Think of it like having a laid-back friend with a camera capturing your moments effortlessly, so you can relax and enjoy your special day without any added stress.


Elopement Experience


This is way more than just some pretty wedding photos! It’s me helping you craft an experience that’s more than just a ceremony and some pictures. Do you dream of saying your vows on a secret beach in the wild? Let’s plan it! Want to include some magical ceremonies or rituals? I can help with that. How about “choose your own adventure”? Heck yeah!

Wedding Photography


Creative documentary storytelling through AMAZING photos for your wedding day. I specialize in small (under 80 guests), natural light weddings with a focus on nature & the outdoors.

Engagements & Couples


Let me take you to a wild place in nature and we can explore and create amazing photos together! Sessions with me are a mix of documentary-style (candid) photos where we just relax, hang out, and have fun together, and artistic photos where I’ll create an environment where you two can connect and focus on each other as I help you with your intention. Every session includes custom styling and a session guide. You’ll have amazing photos PLUS an incredible experience!

Family Stories


Are you ready to capture beautiful memories with your family in the stunning beauty of nature? This will be an unforgettable experience! I believe in documenting moments as they occur naturally, so my photography style is mainly documentary, capturing candid moments and genuine emotions as I gently guide you through the session. Each session includes styling help and an exclusive session guide.

Women Owned &
Operated Business

Frequently asked questions

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, Lume means “flame” or “light”. Light is an important element in a photograph. :)

Yes, it’s just me and my camera. I’d love to be able to hang out as your friend, be a part of the day, celebrate with you, and disappear when needed. This allows me to capture all the authentic, natural, moments and emotions in photos that are meaningful to you. And you’ll love not feeling any pressure or expectations. When another photographer or assistant comes in, it takes away from that experience.

My prices are an all-inclusive flat rate and include all travel costs, fees, and photographer expenses! So you don’t have to worry about any of that.

If there’s anyone who understands feeling awkward in front of a camera it’s me! Trust me when I say this is something you won’t have to worry about at all with me.

YES! I love all animals and have always had a special connection with them. Whether it’s a dog, cat, horse, bird, snake, etc- if you love them then I’m all in!

Definitely! Just ask and I’ll send you examples of full galleries that I’ve delivered to real clients so you can get a better idea of what that looks like.

Nope! Lume Photography has been around since 2011, and Lume Cannabis only since 2019. Although I have shopped there, lol! Their pet CBD is amazing, btw.

How it Works


reach out to me

Yay! I can’t wait to hear from you! Tell me a little more about you & what you’re planning, and I’ll get back with you right away!


discovery call

The discovery call is informal and just allows us to get to know each other and talk more about your hopes and dreams. :)


make it official

When you’re ready, I’ll send you everything you need to reserve your experience!


have the best TIME ever!

You’ll get to relax, be present, and completely enjoy yourself to the max. And then you’ll get a gallery of beautiful, meaningful photos you’ll obsess over for years and years!