A Perfect Micro Wedding at the Black Rocks in Marquette

Love knows no boundaries, and nothing proves it better than the beautiful union of two souls that happened recently here in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Amidst the glistening waters and picturesque scenery of the Black Rocks in Marquette, a couple exchanged vows in the most intimate wedding ceremony. It was just them, their parents, and step-parents – a perfect micro wedding that captured the essence of their love story. In this blog, I will share the details of this beautiful ceremony, and why I believe that a micro wedding is the perfect way to start a new chapter in your life with your significant other.

The wedding began with an elegant dinner at a nearby restaurant, Elizabeth’s Chophouse. It was a perfect way to toast the couple’s new beginning while enjoying one of the best places to eat in Marquette.

The location: Marquette’s Black Rocks

Marquette’s Black Rocks served as a pristine location for the wedding, where the couple exchanged vows in front of a stunning backdrop of the endless lake and dramatic cliffs. The couple decided to keep it simple – no fanfare, no big crowds, no fuss. It was just the people who mattered the most. Their parents were the only guests, and they were thrilled to spend an intimate day with their loved ones. It was heartwarming to see the parents beaming with joy and pride as they witnessed their children exchange their vows.

Their officiant: Me

The couple chose me as the officiant of their wedding ceremony. Being an ordained wedding officiant, I got to work with the couple to create a personalized ceremony that represented them. The couple opted for a “just us” ceremony – an excellent choice for anyone looking to exchange vows in an intimate setting. They were filled with excitement, nervousness, and joy as they took their vows and exchanged rings. The love in their eyes was palpable and reflected the depth of their feelings for each other.

Their Ceremony: A tree Planting

During their ceremony, the couple chose to do a tree-planting ceremony to symbolize their new beginning. I had the perfect tree for them – a small Douglas Fir from my property in Copper Harbor. Planting it together represented their commitment to grow, nurture, and support each other in their new life together. Such symbolic gestures show that the little things matter and will remain a cherished memory for a lifetime.

After the ceremony we stayed for the sunset and a champagne toast. It was the perfect ending to a perfect wedding day!

This micro wedding experience at the Black Rocks in Marquette was nothing short of magical. The absence of crowds, pressure, and expectations seemed to make things more meaningful, and the couple genuinely enjoyed the day. This wedding is a perfect example of how beautiful and intimate a micro wedding can be. It can be personalized, heartwarming, and joyous without sacrificing any of the essential wedding elements. Whether you opt for a tree-planting ceremony or a more traditional one, the Black Rocks is an ideal location with its gorgeous scenery, making it a perfect setting for an intimate and memorable wedding.

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  1. Ann Marie says:

    How beautiful!! Love the way you captured this day for the couple, that location looks amazing and their socks are so cute! Love it so much!!

  2. Blown away by these beautiful photos captured so eloquently!

  3. Michigan is magical! I love the gifs and just the feeling of celebrating right along with them!

  4. The storytelling in these photos is spot on! Looks like a completely unique day that reflected the couple! Well done.

  5. Such wonderful, moody moments! LOVE their socks and Blundstones. Well done!!