An Enchanting Marquette Elopement Tale

The Charming Hideaway

Nestled in the mountainous area just north of Marquette, Michigan, Moon Mountain is an Airbnb that embodies rustic charm and natural allure. This enchanting hideaway is the epitome of magic, surrounded by the serene beauty of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The rustic cabin homestead at Moon Mountain offers a unique and cozy setting, perfect for an intimate elopement. It’s the kind of place where nature-loving couples can escape into the wilderness and experience the enchantment of the great outdoors while having all the comforts of home. Moon Mountain provided the perfect base camp for this intimate elopement.

Culinary Delights by “The Serving Platter”

To elevate their elopement, the couple enlisted the services of The Serving Platter, an incredible private chef in Marquette. Under the warm sun and the dappled shade of a grapevine pergola on the cabin’s patio, they enjoyed a late afternoon dinner. The culinary delights and the rustic charm of Moon Mountain combined to create an unforgettable experience.

A Secret Beach Cove Ceremony

For their ceremony, the couple had their hearts set on Wetmore Landing, a hidden gem along the Lake Superior shoreline. This secluded beach cove became the canvas for their love story. Family and friends joined in to set up a picturesque arch and a circle of flowers, creating an ethereal atmosphere.

Heartfelt Moments and Beachside Dancing

As the sun began to set over Lake Superior, the couple exchanged vows in a touching ceremony. The love in the air was palpable, and after the heartfelt toast, the sound of laughter filled the beach as they celebrated with photos and dancing. This was a day filled with love, natural beauty, and unforgettable memories.

In the midst of the captivating landscapes of Marquette, this elopement at “Moon Mountain” and Wetmore Landing is a testament to the magic of love, nature, and the moments we treasure forever. If you’re seeking an elopement that’s both intimate and captivating, this story is sure to inspire you!

Sit back, and enjoy!

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