Couple reading wedding vows on a cliff above Lake Superior on Presque Isle, Marquette Michigan

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  1. Such a stunning elopement! So obsessed with your double exposure! Also, the baby definitely stole the show, so precious!

  2. I absolutely LOVE how they included their little one in their day. I am such a fan of winter elopements. You captured their day beautifully.

  3. Love the variety of artistic and candid moments you captured here. As well as the gifs sprinkled in. I have never heard of Presque Isle, but seeing it here, it looks like an amazing place to elope!

  4. Ann Marie says:

    I love how intimate their day even feels through these photos – stunning! Also I love GIFs and yours are inspiring for really setting that mood – I love it!

  5. The way you captured the complete story of Allison and Cody’s intimate elopement at Presque Isle is beautiful, love the addition of the gif’s!

  6. I love the adventerous part of their day! The dramatic foggy weather is surreal. And I love the old world charm of their dinner too!!! Beautiful elopement

  7. Everything about this gallery and Presque Isle is magnificent! The landscape, the mist, the snow, everything is a vibe and you captured that so perfectly. These pictures are truly breathtaking!!