Couple reading wedding vows on a cliff above Lake Superior on Presque Isle, Marquette Michigan

Intimate Elopement at Presque Isle, Marquette

Allison and Cody knew they wanted to have a wedding that reflected their passion for nature and adventure. That’s why they decided to travel to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, known for its rugged beauty and untamed wilderness. A “just us” ceremony on a cliff overlooking Lake Superior was their dream, and they trusted me to officiate their special day. In this blog post, I want to share their story with you and inspire you to create an unforgettable wedding experience.

Getting ready at the Historic Landmark Inn

Allison and Cody picked the Landmark Inn as their basecamp for their Michigan adventure. The hotel, located in the heart of Marquette, offers stunning views of Lake Superior and the nearby Harbor. They spent the morning of their wedding getting ready with their 8-week-old daughter (who was the star of the show). I arrived at the Inn to meet with them and start documenting their story. They chose Presque Isle as their wedding spot because of its rugged, wild beauty. We set out, excited to witness the spectacle of springtime in the UP and the raw power of the lake.

Their intimate cliffside Elopement ceremony at Presque Isle

The ceremony was everything that Allison and Cody envisioned and more. It was foggy and the waves were crashing against the cliff, creating an otherworldly soundtrack. Allison, in a gorgeous long-sleeved dress, was radiant, and Cody, in a dark suit, was dashing. I started the ceremony with an energy grounding and opening script, then turned things over to them. They held hands and exchanged vows that they wrote themselves.

I felt so honored to be there, witnessing this intimate moment between two people who were so in love. After the ceremony, we took some stunning photos on the cliff, capturing the rugged beauty of the Upper Peninsula. Allison and Cody’s daughter was with us in her stroller, happily taking it all in.

Next, we headed over to Marquette Mountain to explore for a bit. The views were incredible, with thick fog and magical light snowflakes falling.

making it official

We then headed for dinner at Elizabeth’s Chop House in downtown Marquette which specializes in gourmet steaks and seafood. The restaurant was the perfect place to celebrate their marriage and complete the legal paperwork. Two women who were sitting at a nearby table enthusiastically offered to be their witnesses. I never have trouble finding witnesses!

Allison and Cody’s wedding in Marquette, Michigan, was an adventure that showcased the beauty of intimacy, love, and nature. By choosing a “just us” ceremony, they were able to focus on each other and their daughter, creating a unique and personalized wedding experience. I hope their wedding story inspires engaged couples to think outside the box for their special day. What matters most is not the size or cost of your wedding, but the joyful moments, and the unforgettable experiences that you share together.

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  1. Such a stunning elopement! So obsessed with your double exposure! Also, the baby definitely stole the show, so precious!

  2. I absolutely LOVE how they included their little one in their day. I am such a fan of winter elopements. You captured their day beautifully.

  3. Love the variety of artistic and candid moments you captured here. As well as the gifs sprinkled in. I have never heard of Presque Isle, but seeing it here, it looks like an amazing place to elope!

  4. Ann Marie says:

    I love how intimate their day even feels through these photos – stunning! Also I love GIFs and yours are inspiring for really setting that mood – I love it!

  5. The way you captured the complete story of Allison and Cody’s intimate elopement at Presque Isle is beautiful, love the addition of the gif’s!

  6. I love the adventerous part of their day! The dramatic foggy weather is surreal. And I love the old world charm of their dinner too!!! Beautiful elopement

  7. Everything about this gallery and Presque Isle is magnificent! The landscape, the mist, the snow, everything is a vibe and you captured that so perfectly. These pictures are truly breathtaking!!