A love story in the Upper Peninsula

Here are some of my favorite photos from this recent Connection Session I did with Erin and John from Happy Kamper Productions– one of the best wedding videographers in Michigan! I was looking for a couple to help me scout out some locations in the area and do photos along the way, and they were totally up for it because they had wanted to do something like this for a while.

Connection Sessions are the perfect way to celebrate your love story! We get to explore a beautiful spot (or spots) in nature as I create an environment that allows you to connect and focus on your emotions.

We met in Newberry, in the heart of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The Connection Session started at Dollarville Flooding- a natural area along the Tahquamenon River. It was cloudy and windy- perfect weather for photos! Next, we headed to a couple of spots in the forest with towering red pines. We explored a few trails as we took in the stunning wilderness of the U.P.

I’m obsessed with these photos from our Connection Session, and also with Erin and John’s work at Happy Kamper Productions! Contact me if you’d like more info on your own Connection Session. :)

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  1. The double exposure is so unique and I love the locations, such a great idea to test new locations like this!