What You Need To Legally Elope In Michigan

Planning your elopement or small, DIY wedding in Michigan is exciting! But it can also be overwhelming. Especially when it comes to the legalities and rules. Even finding the information online can be confusing!

This post details all that is necessary for having a legal elopement in Michigan. Read on to learn everything you need to know!

Michigan marriage requirements

To be legally married in Michigan, you need all of the following:

  • To both be over the age of 18 and not related.
  • A valid marriage license (see below).
  • IF YOU LIVE IN MICHIGAN: Couples must apply for a marriage license in person at the county clerk where they reside.
  • IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE OF MICHIGAN: You need to visit the county clerk in the county where your wedding will take place.
  • There is a minimum 3-day waiting period for your license. Marriage licenses are valid for 33 days. Michigan residents can use their license statewide. Check with the county clerk’s office for all requirements and fees.
  • An ordained officiant with the ability to provide proof of ordination. Wedding officiants in Michigan are not required to register with any government office.
  • Once the ceremony is complete, it’s the officiant or minister’s duty to fill in the marriage certificate, marking the official time and place of the marriage.
  • The marriage license must be signed by two additional witnesses of at least 18 years of age.
  • The signed marriage license must be returned to the same county clerk it was obtained within 10 days of the ceremony.
  • Any couple regardless of sex, religion or other may be married legally in Michigan.
Fall wedding ceremony at Hartwick Pines.

Eloping is an exciting and special way for two people to exchange vows in Michigan. With all the legalities taken care of, you can be free to make your dream a reality! There are plenty of beautiful locations in the state to choose from, and virtually unlimited possibilities. So, now that you know what it takes to legally elope in Michigan, you are fully prepared to embark on this amazing journey with your partner!


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