Banff is one of the only places on earth that makes me feel like a tiny speck of space dust. The mountains loom over you, and I actually cried because I didn’t think I’d be able to possibly capture the epic-ness of this place in photographs.

Banff National Park is a popular place for destination weddings and elopements, and for good reason. There are plenty of amazing spots in the park to satisfy anyone’s hunger for amazing views and thirst for adventure. If you are considering an elopement in Banff, or a destination wedding in Banff, let me know because I’d love to capture that story for you in amazing images- and I’m happy to help you plan locations!

Banff, Alberta by Lume Photography

Minnewanka Sunrise in Banff by Lume Photography

Mountain Sunrise by Lume Photography

Lake Minnewanka by Lume Photography

Banff National Park Bear Sign - Lume Photography

Woodpile Travel Photo by Lume Photography

Train in Banff National Park by Lume Photography

Adventure in Banff by Lume Photography

Beautiful Alberta- Lume Photography

Gorgeous mountains in Banff- Lume Photography

Vermillion Lakes- Alberta, CA by Lume Photography

Adventure- Lume Photography

Lake Minnewanka panorama by Lume Photography

I recently participated in an incredible wedding photography workshop in Alberta, Canada, and I had to take a day to wander around in Banff. These are some of the images I created. It was early October, which meant the temps were on the chillier side, but it also meant that I rarely ran into hoards of tourists. I would absolutely love the opportunity to photograph a destination wedding in Banff, Canmore, where I stayed, or anywhere around that area. It’s breathtaking.